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It’s Friday before a game weekend, so you know what that means. I get on here, and in no uncertain terms I just act bitter for the next few paragraphs. I do not like doing it, believe me. I yearn for the day again when Syracuse fans have the feeling that they can beat anyone on any given day, especially because I remember those days. I was in school for those days, and I only graduated in 2005. On top of everything that has happened this year, we now face the University of Connecticut. For those of you that know me out there, I have had my share of interactions, both personal and professional, with the University of Connecticut over the past several years. And I absolutely, unequivocally fucking hate losing to the UConn Huskies in anything at anytime. It can be something as simple as Syracuse’s victory in the Big East Tournament in field hockey this past weekend. I would have been rip shit had I found out they lost. As I put in my October 2006 article “Try Burning My Couch And I’ll Cut You”, UConn is #4 in football on my “Desire To Dismantle” meter. I said it then, and I still mean it, that No one at Syracuse wants to lose to UConn in anything these days. This is the backdrop for entering this weekend’s game.

Connecticut enters the Carrier Dome 6-3 on the season, 2-2 in Big East play. Their clear stud is Running Back Donald Brown (not to be confused with former UConn basketball player Denham “Doo Doo” Brown) who is definitely having a stud year (254 att, 1406 yds, 5.5 ypc, 15 TD). The biggest question will be can Syracuse stop this running attack of the Huskies? The simple fact of the matter is we do not know. Some additional storylines are present that you should be aware of. UConn’s main quarterback, the on again-off again Tyler Lorenzen is injured and will not play this weekend. That leaves back ups Cody Endres and Zach Frazer competing for the starting job. I know absolutely nothing about these two young men, but it will be interesting to see if the one that starts beings to falter how short the leash is for Randy Edsall to pull him and replace him with the other. Also, the simple fact that Randy Edsall is present will be a story in and of itself. Edsall is a Syracuse man after all, who played and coached for the Orange. Rumors, especially as of late, have intensified in speculation of him jumping the UConn ship in favor of the soon-to-be (hopefully) open Syracuse coaching possition. There is also an interesting situation that could occure if Syracuse is actually interested in his coaching and Syracuse winds up winning the game. Additionally, Syracuse against UConn lifetime is 2-2. Each team has won two games in their home stadiums. If UConn manages to win, they will take a 3-2 lead lifetime in the series, as well as earning their first win in the Carrier Dome. While this is all interesting, it does not answer the question of who will end up victorious. While I would love to predict in my heart of hearts that Syracuse will win this game, Syracuse’s defense has been spotty at best the last several games. I just cannot bet on the Orange to win. Because of this, as well as the late kickoff, I plan on tailgating (probably in the rain) all afternoon and evening to the poing where I will be mostly indifferent to the final result, then I will propmtly march to Faegan’s Pub to keep the good times rolling. Look for UConn to take this one by 17 points.

Again, this game has a late kickoff, starting at 7:00pm on ESPN U. I will be in the Dome live and in person in Section 214, possibly wishing I went to Miami instead of Syracuse. Either way, I’ll have fun knowing that either Syracuse won and put up a good fight, or the dismissal of Greg Robinson quickly approches. This is Senior Day, so to those outgoing seniors I think you for all your efforts over the past four years. I know very well I could not do what you people do, so for that I thank you and I think you for representing Syracuse well as not only a player, but as a citizen as well. All you can do is go out there and do your job and you have all done that to the best of your ability, and all criticism and bitterness aside I sincerely appreciate your efforts on the grid iron for Syracuse. Good luck to the outgoing seniors in all you do. Stay tuned for the full wrap up of this game on Sunday, as well as coverage from Syracuse’s first basketball game versus Le Moyne on Sunday.

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