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Louisville Quick Predictions

This dude will peck the shit out of you.
Here we are again. Fresh off another and final bye week. Questions loom about the status of our esteemed head coach. Even more questions are present about how the team will perform in the Carrier Dome this weekend. Syracuse decided to pretend they were a ranked team last season and beat Louisville on their own turf, winning 38 to 35 on the back of Andrew Robinson’s four touchdowns. Syracuse pulled off the biggest upset in NCAA history in terms of point spread (for entertainment purposes only). Everyone wonders if Syracuse can make it to two wins with another stunner against a decent Louisville squad. Sadly, I do not think it will happen this time around.

Louisville comes into this game after beating #16 South Florida. While this win was really nice a week ago, now that they have lost again it isn’t that amazing. However, USF certainly handled Syracuse easily. So one can only assume that Louisville will do the same to Syracuse. Hunter Cantwell however, is not having a stellar year. He has 1365 yards, ten touchdowns, nine interceptions, and ten sacks. He is vulnerable. However, our defense couldn’t stop a 1-AA school for all four quarters, so you really can’t have a lot of hope here.

I really wanted Syracuse to win this game, because I thought that no matter what happened Greg Robinson would be gone at the end of the season. However, reports have it that if Syracuse loses this weekend, that Greg could possibly be fired on Sunday. Therefore, I now am very torn. I of course always root for Syracuse, but it almost is for the greater good if we don’t. Really though, the defense will surely come through making the choice a non-issue. I say this one goes Louisville’s way by 24 points. Plus they still have got to be pissed as hell from last year still right?

As much as it pains me to see another loss, if the result is the ending of a wasted coach’s tenure, then it is very worth it. Syracuse will most likely drop another game, leaving Greg’s win total in his four seasons to eight wins. It used to be eight wins was expected every season, not every four seasons. I feel privileged to have been in school when we actually won ten games in a year. To those of you that have come since… well I do feel sorry. I am also sorry that there is a generation of fans out there that continue to think we suck and have always sucked. Go see The Express again. But before you do, be sure you submit your best crying child photo for the Cue The Crying Child Contest. If you are picked, you’ll surely get some mad props from your friends and possibly a nice prize. Keep those submissions coming. I'll be out of the home office until Sunday evening, but hopefully you'll see the crying child posted shortly after the game's conclusion.
And to all of you out there... Happy Halloween!

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The Top 25 Is Here!

Yup, this guy is still douchetastic.
The first basketball rankings have come out, which means we are only a short time away from NCAA hoops action. So with the first rankings comes my full assed attempt to berate and belittle the choices ESPN have made in putting out their first poll.

1. North Carolina (31) 0-0 775
2. Connecticut 0-0 707
3. Louisville 0-0 694
4. UCLA 0-0 650
5. Duke 0-0 578
6. Pittsburgh 0-0 576
7. Michigan State 0-0 572
8. Texas 0-0 538
9. Notre Dame 0-0 525
10. Purdue 0-0 465
11. Gonzaga 0-0 437
12. Memphis 0-0 425
13. Tennessee 0-0 408
14. Oklahoma 0-0 387
15. Arizona State 0-0 304
16. Miami (FL) 0-0 233
17. Marquette 0-0 219
18. Georgetown 0-0 175
19. Florida 0-0 161
20. Davidson 0-0 158
21. USC 0-0 153
21. Wisconsin 0-0 153
23. Kansas 0-0 130
24. Wake Forest 0-0 129
25. Villanova 0-0 122
31. Syracuse 0-0 23

Alright, North Carolina at the top. Fine. I’ll buy that. However Tyler Hansbrough is currently injured with a stress injury to his shin.

UConn at #2? Maybe if there were only 5 games before the Big East Tournament and they only had one loss, but with the roster they have and the chronic behavior problems the gentlemen currently on the squad have had, two is a bit high for my taste. Top 25 maybe. But two? Get the fuck outta here.

Louisville is #3 on the list. Truth be told I have not done my research on this team yet. However, with Rick Patino at the helm it is quite likely they will be a team to be reckoned with.

Notre Dame gets the #9 slot on the back of Preseason All Big East Luke Harangody. He’s good, but the question is will he collapse against Syracuse like Roy Hibbert used to? Time will tell.

Georgetown has a shell of a team they did last season, yet they are ranked 18. No clue how that happened.

Syracuse is #31 in the voting. The Big East media have voted Syracuse spot #6. This would put Syracuse in eight. Something needs to be reconciled.

Either way, the best thing about this poll is there are only four teams from the ACC on here. ACC deez nuts.

Before the season I’ll have more concrete predictions and analysis, but until then I’m knee deep in regret and heartache from football. How this publication doesn’t win The Job Award every year with this team I’ll never know.


Cue The Crying Child Contest

Think you can send me better than this?
Here at Orange::44 we pride ourselves on being interactive with the fans, while providing an informative and entertaining experience. In that vein, we proudly announce Orange::44's Cue the Crying Child Contest. The rules are simple. Just e-mail either a picture or a link to a picture of a crying child that you either found or took. E-mail it with your name and location to If you know the name of the subject in the photo feel free to include that as well. Please specify if you wish to remain anonymous if yours is selected. If your photo is chosen it will be featured prominently after the next home loss, which could very well be this Saturday evening. You may even get a nice prize.

A few helpful hints for you. Remember, the more pain and misery depicted the better. The title is always “Cue the Crying Child” which means people 20 or older probably should not count on being used, but I’ll certainly enjoy them and if I get enough I may select a special “Crying Adult” picture. Wearing Syracuse apparel is always a plus. Finally, we’ve used a lot of crying children these past few seasons so try to avoid pictures we’ve already used.

So grab a camera or keep Google as your homepage and do some good old fashioned detective work to find the best picture of miserable children you can find. Thanks for stopping by Orange::44, happy hunting and Go Orange!

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Bye Week Quick Hits

God damn he is getting old.

Bye weeks are boring, so to make up for it, Orange::44 is going Larry King on your ass. Here are some quick hits in the style of the news icon.

Jonny Flynn will be the best point guard in the Big East this season. Even better than Scottie Reynolds.

Is it just me, or is this Greg Robinson guy actually sounding more desperate by the press conference?

Not for nothing, but Syracuse Lacrosse now has no choice but to get back to the Final Four.

As much as I would like to see it, Syracuse will not beat Louisville this season.

I still maintain UConn should not be ranked in any poll, especially the BCS Poll.

Making the mistake of a Nike Swoosh on the Ernie Davis statue is the biggest blunder the university has made this year, save for not firing Greg Robinson.

No one likes a curve breaker.

For my money, the Cookiewhich is the best thing you can purchase at the Carrier Dome.

The Express very well may have rendered all future attempts at cinema obsolete.

All those padded seats that people bought for the football season are so tacky.

Hey Otto, stop trying to make that whole surfboard thing happen. It's stupid.
Remember that whole Norovirus outbreak at Georgetown? Colgate was supposed to play them in football for their homecoming at Colgate, but they canceled because Colgate didn’t want to get infected. Clearly Georgetown hates all Upstate New York schools.

The best place to pee outside on campus is under Newhouse. In a close second is the world’s most expensive outdoor urinal, Nancy Cantor’s wall.

When you go to Faegan’s on $2 Night, if you do not buy a round of shots you are crazy and/or lame.

It couldn’t hurt to let Andrew Robinson start against Louisville this week. There are absolutely no consequences no matter who starts.

Yes the basketball team is underrated, but I’m totally fine with that.

Mark my words, there will be at least two court rushes this season.

Not playing UConn twice in a season just leaves me feeling empty.

Curtis Brinkley would be an award contender on a team with a better reputation.

Can we not schedule 1-AA teams for football anymore? I’d rather have a winless season than almost get beat by the likes of Northeastern.

Will I run out of pictures of crying children? Not likely.

Remember, if Greg elects to punt on third down you have to finish your drink.

Jim Brown is still one angry dude, despite being prominently represented in a major motion picture.

So there you have it. Bye weeks can be boring, especially when I have several court appearances this week, but we can perk it up with some new content on a Tuesday. Stay tuned for more coming this week, I promise.

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BlogPoll Week 9

1Texas --
2Penn State --
3Alabama --
4Oklahoma --
5Southern Cal --
6Georgia 2
7Texas Tech 2
8Florida 2
9Ohio State 1
10Oklahoma State 3
11Utah 1
12Boise State 1
13LSU 2
14Ball State 1
15Missouri 2
16Brigham Young 2
17Tulsa 3
18TCU 8
19Minnesota 4
20Florida State 5
21Michigan State 5
22South Florida 8
23Maryland 3
24North Carolina 2
25Oregon 1

Dropped Out: Pittsburgh (#16), Georgia Tech (#19), Northwestern (#21), Kansas (#22), Boston College (#24).
*The teams that dropped out all lost. Thanks for stopping by BC. Pittsburgh, you let me down as I pegged you to win the league. Thanks.
*Welcome back UNC. Also appearing is a very likable Maryland team, TCU, and Michigan State comes back to the poll.
*South Florida takes a big fall losing to Louisville. LSU and Oklahoma State (I'M A MAN! I'm 40!) only drop slightly for losing to higher ranked teams in close games.
*Florida gets jumped two spots even though they won because they beat an unranked team handily, while Georgia and Texas Tech has much more impressive and good looking wins over tougher opponents.
*Northwestern did drop out of the poll after a suggestion from anonymous. I just skipped over them when looking at the scores i guess. Hello Oregon in the last spot.
*Are there teams I am missing on here?
What do you think?

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Nunes::44 - 10/28/08

Time for the backup, RJ Anderson, to get the big start.
Sean of Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician is on vacation as you probably already know. Therefore, the backup is at the helm over at Nunes/Magician in the form of Jameson of The Bleacher Report, among other fine sports publications. I asked the questions and he gave the answers. Thanks to Jameson for filling in while Sean is away.

1. Orange::44: The last bye week has come and gone. I guess that means we are stuck with Robinson the rest of the season. Thoughts on that?

Jameson: Although Greg Robinson made it through the week, I still don't think he's going to make it through the year. I'm guessing eventually SU will pull the trigger and fire him, but let him finish out the year. With Ty Willigham stepping down, one high profile job is open. Syracuse can't wait much longer or else other schools will start getting a jump on getting a new coach.

2. Orange::44: Will Syracuse be able to pull off the stunning upset of Louisville again?

Jameson: No. This SU team doesn't have enough of a pulse to upset Louisville. The Cardinals lost last year because they didn't have a defense. This year, the UofL defense is good enough to shut down Cameron Dantley and The Droppsies.

3. Orange::44: Who is your current front runner to take over the head coaching position at Syracuse?

Jameson: I don't have just one front-runner. I'm happy with any coach who has the knowledge and skills to recruit. Get good players on the hill and you'll win something. At this point, this city needs a team that can put up a consistent fight, win a few big games, and generally get the city's hope up. Football has always been a huge part of this community and it seems like this city is missing something when only 15,000 people want to spend their day watching Syracuse football instead of 50,000.

4. Orange::44: It was a crazy week in Big East football. Who do you see winning the league this year?

Jameson: I'm pretty sure Syracuse has as good as odds to win the Big East as anybody guessing who's going to win the conference. If I had to take a gander, I'd still say South Florida. That defense will eventually come around and Matt Grothe is still the best quarterback in the Big East. Fear the Grohawk I say.

5. Orange::44: Turning to basketball, the Big East media poll lists Syracuse finishing 6th. Is that right or do you see this team doing something different?

Jameson: I'll say sixth is the right place for Syracuse. You've got four premiere teams in Louisville, UConn, Notre Dame, and Pitt. Then a group of good teams that Syracuse is in. There's probably a good chance one of those teams will finish ahead of the 'Cuse. I think Syracuse is underrated, but the Big East is just so tough, it's hard to see them higher than that. If I had to pick the team most likely outside that top four to win the conference it would be Syracuse. After the top four, SU has the deepest and generally most talented complete team.

6. Orange::44: What player are you most looking forward to watching this season?

Jameson: I'm really looking forward the entire backcourt. There could be something very special brewing there if Jonny Flynn, Eric Devendorf, Andy Rautins, and even Paul Harris stay healthy, pick up where they left, and gel together. There is three guys there that can score 20 points on any given night plus potentially one of the most dangerous long range shooters in the conference. Plus Rautins is huge and muscular. He finally looks like a Big East caliber athlete.

7. Orange::44: Finally, how is it filling in for Sean at Nunes and what other stuff have you been working on?

Jameson: Filling in for Sean at Troy Nunes has been enjoyable. Writing in the blog form/style that he does is tough and much different than what I do. I contemplated just writing my own way, but I didn't want to mess with the style of his site. I haven't been able to post as much as I've liked, but I'm hoping to pick it up later this week. The Phillies have been occupying the majority of time lately. Plus I've got my work for CBS and Fox Sports as well as being a full time student and President of Otto's Army. So I've got my plate full to say the least.
Thanks again to Jameson for stopping by. I'm sure you'll see him in the front row of every Syracuse Basketball game this coming season. Here is is at Manley for the Midnight Madness. No he is not the one with the Wrestling Belt on.
Editor’s Note: This is another installment in the ongoing collaboration between Orange::44 and Nunes/Magician. Usually every other Tuesday Nunes::44 will appear here, while the following week Orange::44/Magician will appear on his site. Until then, enjoy Nunes/Magician articles and stay tuned to Orange::44 for complete postgame coverage from every Syracuse game.

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Nunes Got Questions, Orange::44 Got Answers

This is how Grothe should have felt on Saturday.
It is time for Sean from Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician to ask me some questions, and I answer them with the wit and skill of a broadcasting professional. At least a professional that hasn't been tainted by years of meetings at ESPN saying they really can't give their opinions and they have to be nice to everyone. That's not how things happen around here friends. Check out the questions and answers here.

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Vote For The Right Candidates In 2008

Do it for your country.
In these troubled times, there is no only one team that will get you through the next four years, just like they could have got you through your four years at Syracuse. From 1991 to 2004, Kenneth “Buzz” Shaw led the Syracuse University in a time of unheralded success and growth. His popularity among the students was very high; the respect from his peers was unquestionable. He is a man who knows leadership inside and out and has authored two books on the subject. He is also a 2008 Laureate of The Lincoln Academy of Illinois, the state's highest honor. Buzz Shaw knows leadership and how to have a good time. This man should be the next President of the United States. Not to mention, backed up by Jim Boeheim, and that is a winning ticket for any occasion. So two weeks from today, when you go and vote, be sure you write in Kenneth “Buzz” Shaw for President of the United States. Let’s face it, he’ll probably be better for America than either of the current candidates. And Jim Boeheim (and Juli) will clearly be great for everything.

Vote Shaw/Boeheim… for America. Fuck yeah.

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The Orange::44 Podcast - 10/21/08

This guy is an expert on all things Syracuse.
Welcome to another edition of the Orange::44 Podcast. It has been a little over a month since our last podcast, live from Homecoming so I figured it was about time to dazzle you with my radio voice. Today we address the very serious topics of what the heck is wrong with the football team, how the Big East Conference will play out, a little talk on The Express, and some other basketball topics, such as should Melo get his jersey number retired. All solid stuff that I’m sure you will enjoy downloading and listening to on your iPod. Nothing sexy here, just another podcast for you to listen to when you want something on in the background while you play NCAA Football ’09 on your PS3 or Xbox, dreaming of a better season than we are currently in. To download the show, click here and follow the directions. You know what to do. Or just listen below.

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I totally think we should ju... wait... huh? What?
What I’ve kept with me and what I’ve thrown away.
Don’t know where the hell I’ve ended up on this glary, random day.
Were the things I really cared about
Just left along the way.
~ Evaporated by Ben Folds Five
Now I didn’t have too high hopes going into this game. I mean, USF was ranked #19/20 in the polls, and we all know Syracuse is a big stinko this season. Syracuse drops another Big East contest to South Florida, who they have never beaten in the four attempts, 45 to 13.

Curtis Brinkley I truly feel bad for. He had an outstanding game (20 carries, 129yds, 4.8y/c, 1 TD), but he probably is not getting the attention he deserves for being on Syracuse. The simple fact he is doing so well is a testament to his talent. At least this proves the offensive line has improved. Cantley had a pedestrian game (11/27, 129 yards, 0 TD, 0 INT) that any second rate quarterback could have managed. This game was put on the back of Brinkley and he delivered the best he could, and quite possibly put in the best game of his career. Either way, three third down conversions out of 15 is a joke and another slide backwards. Failing to score in the second half also does not help the cause. They didn’t even convert a third down the entire second half. While this game on paper does not look bad, believe me it was.

It cannot be overstated how open some of these receivers were all game, especially when catching touchdowns. Again, I do not think anyone thought it possible to mentally break down even more in pass coverage, but it was clearly evident in this game. The defense this time really did not satisfactorily stop the run attack of the Bulls. Grothe himself ran for 72 yards and a touchdown. The only reason I did not fail them is they played a ranked team and they are Syracuse. Would you think it was fair I failed you in a neuroscience class and you were a music major? Take your D and never come back. Unfortunately, Syracuse will play USF again next season, whether Syracuse is better or not.

Special Teams
These guys continue to put in solid efforts and performances. Patrick “Sex Offender Mustache” Shadle again did his job, in which he kicked two field goals (the longest was 43 yards) and an extra point. Shadle is easily the best kicker that Syracuse has had in years. Rob Long, sadly not contending for the Heisman this year, kicked seven times for a total of 353 yards, with two touchbacks. He’s good, but he’s been better in the past. Holmes and McKinnon ran back six kicks for 135 yards. Nothing special there. That is about it. They put in a B, but Shadle continues to shine in the kicker role. Orange::44 may launch a “Shadle for Heisman” campaign in the bye week.

The key coaching moment in this game was on 4th and 1 on the Syracuse 20 yard line, drawing the defense off sides for a five yard penalty to continue the drive for Syracuse. Syracuse has attempted this before, but this is the first time it worked. So for that, I guess I have to give Greg a small amount of credit. Clearly, they did not have a good game plan though, because later in the drive, they called a play that resulted in a drive ending sack and a punt. This sums up perfectly the coaching for Syracuse. They do something good and then blow it. One step forward, two steps back.

C/C- (1.9)
It depends on how you want to round. Either way, this game was terrible. While it may not offend you like the Pittsburgh game, or even the Penn State game, Syracuse’s defense was a joke and the offense never got enough momentum to truly make a dent against USF. Brinkley and Shadle are clearly the lone bright spots against a mediocre sea of orange. This game is evident that Syracuse simply should not even attempt to hang in a game against a far superior team this season. At least Rutgers beat UConn right?

Syracuse again has a bye week, and will not play until November 1, when they take on Louisville in the Dome on November 1st, the first game since the huge upset win at L’ville last year. Will Andrew Robinson get the start versus the team he bent over the year before? I think it is sounding more likely by the day. Stay tuned right here for more analysis in the coming days, including a new podcast coming soon.

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BlogPoll Week 8

1Texas 1
2Penn State 1
3Alabama 2
4Oklahoma 1
5Southern Cal 3
6Florida --
7Oklahoma State 2
8Georgia 2
9Texas Tech 2
10Ohio State 3
11LSU 1
12Utah 2
13Boise State 4
14South Florida 5
15Ball State 9
16Pittsburgh 7
17Missouri 6
18Brigham Young 14
19Georgia Tech 7
20Tulsa 6
21Northwestern 5
22Kansas 4
23Minnesota 3
24Boston College 2
25Florida State 1

Dropped Out: Virginia Tech (#15), North Carolina (#16), Michigan State (#20), Wake Forest (#21), Vanderbilt (#22), California (#25).
* All the teams that dropped out lost. Sad to say that UNC drops off after a pretty impressive run. VTech gets upset by Boston College, and with one loss, they appear on my poll.
* Also appearing for the first time are Florida State, Minnesota, Northwestern, Georga Tech, and Tulsa.
* Texas had another big win over Missouri, and Penn State demolished Michigan. Therefore Texas stays #1, while Penn State jumps 'Bama after only a four point win over Mississippi.
* I hate that Southern Cal jumps to five, but they really are the fifth best team. Again, they should not be playing for the National Championship this year though unless all the teams above them lose. And they have to lose big.
* Texas Tech drops not for losing, but just not winning as well as the other teams that jump them.
* BYU takes an epic 14 spot fall after losing big to TCU. TCU may find their way back on the poll next week.
What do you think?

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  • This About Sums It Up

  • I am less smart for having read your blog.
  • - Anonymous Georgetown supporter.
  • You are an idiot...
  • - Anonymous Nunes/Magician Reader.
  • Congrats on not being very good at what you do.
  • - Anonymous ACC supporter.
  • You are a dweeb, my friend. Grow a backbone.
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  • Leave the journalism to talented people. Brian is just another hack and another fair weather fan.
  • - Twitter commenter.
  • A bad blog about Syracuse athletics.
  • - UConn Fan on Twitter (after winning NCAA).