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Boston College Quick Predictions

Sup losers.
Syracuse and Boston College. A rival we've seen before. But this year has a lot of interesting back stories going on. Steve Addazio is up against the wall. This is basically a must win game for him. For Syracuse to remain in Bowl contention, the Orange need this one too. So who can win this one?
A mere two weeks ago, I think a lot of the Orange faithful thought the year was dead. We packed it in, and we were waiting for basketball. Some really ridiculous fans had even written off Babers, despite the fact that Syracuse, like all programs, need time to adjust to a new HBC. But then things changed. Syracuse beat #17 Virginia Tech, and not in a way that would have you say Syracuse got lucky or VTech just didn't show up. It was a convincing win where Syracuse played above their pay grade in all 3 phases of the game. It was awesome. And then for some dumb reason, Vegas has SU a dog against BC today (BC lost to VTech 49-0, just saying). Odd. Either way, Boston College is struggling for wins in ACC play. Last year they had zero. Currently they have zero. But they do have 3 wins and a schedule with little margin for error, still having to face NC State, Louisville, and Florida State. But let's face it... I can't pick against Eric Dungey and company after last weeks win. I can't pick against Syracuse after that locker room speech for Babers. I can't pick against Syracuse because... they're playing Boston College. And, as you may already know, BC SUCKS AND ALWAYS WILL. So here's to the Outhouse on the hill. Orange over the Eagles 31 to 24.
This game is available regionally on the ACC Network at 12:30pm. Check your local listings here and the blackout map here to see if you can watch on WatchESPN if it isn't on TV. If not, today's game is available on the ACC Website here, and The ACC app on your phone. I'm out of the office, but John will be watching and Tweeting live. So enjoy that. If you're going to the game stay dry. I'll talk to you on the other side. GO ORANGE!

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Cue the Smiling Child

Your dreams can come true!

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Virginia Tech Quick Predictions

Well hello again.
Remember that time in 2002 when #7 Virginia Tech traveled to the Carrier Dome and 3 overtime periods later they left losers? Yeah, I was there. In the Dome. It was the best college football game I'd ever seen in my life in person. It still is. Unfortunately, it isn't 2002 anymore.
Virginia Tech may not have Frank Beamer as head coach anymore, but that doesn't mean they aren't still good. Currently #17, their only loss on the season was to then #17 Tennessee. They smoked Boston College 49-0. Syracuse is in for a very tough day. No need to really go over X's and O's. Sadly I don't see the upset happening today. This isn't a trap game. This isn't a game that Syracuse can stun the Hokies. I just can't see how anything is going to change the conclusion of this game that Syracuse will give up big plays through the air all day. And probably on Special Teams as well. I'm taking the Hokies over the Orange 45 to 17.
This game is available nationally on ESPN U at 3:45pm or on WatchESPN. John's at the game. I'm at the home office. Let's enjoy the misery together shall we?

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Wake Forest Quick Predictions

Just boring letters today.
Syracuse was picked to finish last in their division. The main argument was that no one thought Syracuse would beat Wake Forest at Wake Forest, despite the fact they have beaten them the last 3 times. So can Syracuse earn one of the few wins left within reach of the Orange?
On paper, the SU Offense would be better than the Wake Forest Offense. Similarly, the Wake Defense is better than Syracuse. So it would have been a fun battle to see which inferior unit could make plays and stop the other team. However, that was all before the weather is going to be horrible due to a hurricane. That means that chances are it will be hard to throw the ball. So Dungey to Etta-Tawo for a big bailout play probably isn't happening today. Syracuse will have to run the ball. Dontae Strickland and Moe Neal will have to get yards. Additionally, Eric Dungey will have to make plays with his feet as well. Chances are he will complete some short throws, but essentially with the weather, the long ball is out. Unfortunately, that means field position becomes very important and special teams scoring becomes critical. Syracuse's special teams is hot garbage right now. Add weather and who knows. But that also means Wake has to deal with the weather as well. They could mess up a snap. They could throw a duck that SU picks off. So really, this game is a coin flip. Whoever has the better offensive line and special teams will win. Originally I obviously picked Syracuse in this one. However, due to the weather, I think this favors Wake because of the way SU special teams has played. So I'm take Wake Forest over Syracuse 13 to 10. But this is anyone's game due to the weather.
This game will be on regional coverage and on WatchESPN at 7:00pm. You can check the blackout map here, and what channels the game is being shown here. For those who are blacked out, the game is available on WatchESPN. Both John and I are on the West Coast at a wedding, so therefore we'll have spotty coverage at best. But we'll be watching on our phones, and will be qually as frustrated as you. Don't worry about that. Go Orange and stay safe out there, especially those affected by the weather.

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Syracuse - Connecticut Postgame Reactions OR Finally!

A record setting day helped beat the Huskies.
Syracuse had never won a football game in the State of Connecticut before last Saturday. And then they played the game. Even though UConn was favored (for some reason), Syracuse managed to persevere after buttoning the game up with a 99 yard touchdown drive. Despite a garbage time touchdown making the ending more interesting than it should have been, Syracuse was the winner over the Huskies at Rentchler Field 31 to 24.

Eric Dungey (26/40, 407yds, 2 TD, 0 INT) had a good day, despite piling up a whole bunch of yards. Not a great day, but a good day. In no small part to Amba Etta-Tawo, who had a single game record 270 yards on 12 catches with 2 touchdowns for the Orange. Syracuse had 19 first downs, and were 8/15 on third downs. But what was really impressive was Syracuse put together a 12 play, 99 yard drive to score a touchdown and win the game.

They bent but never broke. Too much. They did allow 23 first downs and 4/6 fourth downs. Not great. But a goal line stand is always good. And a Pick Six is magical.

Special Teams
Another horrible day for Syracuse special teams. They were immediately fooled by a fake field goal, that resulted in a long 4th down conversion (that the defense had to bail them out on). Cole Murphy was 1/3 on FG.

Honestly the play calling was fine. I think they are probably relying a little too heavy on Dungey to Etta-Tawo, but for now, and against UConn, it worked.

B- (2.5)
Overall a solid performance, but a win is a win. And the first win against UConn at UConn is magical.

Syracuse played Notre Dame next. It was bad. Stay tuned for that postgame soon.

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Cue The Crying Child...

It was close for a bit, but then the wheels fell of the bus.

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