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Cal State LA Quick Thoughts

Buddy, you're huge. Just put it in the basket already!
Now normally I would give you a complete postgame reaction from every Syracuse game. However, the basketball game this past Monday was an exhibition. Therefore, it is like it did not happen at all. However, seeing as it really did I should probably talk about it a little bit, with some quick hits.

* Your starting lineup was: Flynn, Devendorf, Harris, Ongenaet, Onuaku.

* Flynn and Onuaku were the leading scorers with 13 points each.

* Onuaku was 6-6 on field goals. He looks every bit as dominant as I think we all know he can be.

* Flynn was 5-10 for field goals and 2-3 on three point attempts.

* Rick Jackson did not dazzle me on offense, but he did dazzle me on defense, earning 12 total rebounds and 4 blocks.

* Ballsy move picking #3 Mookie Jones. Ballsy indeed. He did well with eight points in 15 minutes.

* Andy Rautins still has a pretty shot. He went two for five from long range.

* Eric Devendorf had seven assists and is still the must thuggish white guy on Syracuse. Kudos to him and the plaque is in the mail.

* Syracuse was abysmal in free throw shooting. They made only ten of 26. That will surely hurt Syracuse in Big East play if they do not get better.

* Jim Boeheim barely played zone in this game. While it is good to be able to play man, it is just doesn’t seem like I am watching Syracuse when they do not play most of the game in zone.

The official box score from the game is here. This season will be interesting as the depth of Jim Boeheim’s bench has basically doubled since last season. One thing is for sure, it will be entertaining. Syracuse definitely needs to make it to at least the Sweet Sixteen for the season to truly have mattered to Syracuse fans. I’ll be at the game in person this Sunday to evaluate them live, so look for a report Sunday night or early Monday on that. Until then, Syracuse better be in the Dome practicing free throws.


2 Responses to “Cal State LA Quick Thoughts”

  1. # Anonymous NcCuse93

    Flynn took too many shots in my humble opinion.

    He took 10 and AO only got 6. I'd rather see it the other way around.  

  2. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    I agree with you. While the outside shooting is nice for the fans, this team should be built on the back of the big man first.  

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