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In a recent article by Charles Rich of Pitt Sports Blather, listed at the Fanhouse, Matt Glaude recounted his Top 5 teams on the Orange’s “Desire to Dismantle Meter”. I was intregued by this, and decided to do my 5 for football as well. Here we go.

#5. Penn State / Miami
Before the ACC (deez nuts) business and conference realignment Syracuse had a pretty healthy rivilary with Miami, helped by Donny McNabb's talent and Larry Coker’s inability to show restraint when a victory is in hand. Joe Pa, upon getting beat by Coach Mac and the drubbing of PSU back in the day, swore he would never play the Orange again. It lasted a while but the rivilary is being renewed in the upcomming seasons. Therefore Miami is listed as the old, PSU the old and new rivilary at number 5.

#4. The Connecticut UConn Huskies
They only have been a 1-A football club for a little while, but in Big East Play they are 1-1 against the Orange. The Big East really tried to make this a rivilary game last season at “The Rentsch” and I think the sentament among fans was that it was. UConn made a big deal about it and I think the SU fans agreed. Sometimes basketball carries over to the pig skin. No one at Syracuse wants to lose to UConn in anything these days.

#3. Pittsburgh
Matt and Charles are right. This is a rivilary, despite what seems to be a lack of ill will twords eachother. No one wants to lose this game, and it’s the way it is. You can read their thougs about this game, but among Syracuse fans, I think this is the #3 rival of the Orange in football.

#2 The Outhouse On The Hill (Boston College)
After promptly kicking the ass of BC as they exited the Big East both in the Carrier Dome, and at Chesnut Hill (costing them a Fiesta Bowl Bid in 2004), the coach swore that he would never play Syracuse again. Apparently that was a lie as they are playing Syracuse again in the near future, but after the ACC business of BC being with The Big East and then against it, every fan in the Carrier Dome wanted them to leave with a loss. That happened. Hopefully it will happen again. So here’s to the outhouse on the hill…BC sucks and always will.

#1 Couch Burn U (West Virginia)
When Syracuse hired Coach Ben Schwartzwalder they got a little connection to West Virginia, as he was a player there. After that, Schwartzwalder became one of the best coaches in Syracuse history, gaining a National Championship in 1959. In 1993, in honor of that connection and the rivilary that has built up, they commenced the Battle for the Schwartzwalder Trophy. Syracuse has won it 6 times. West Virginia has won it 7 times. In addition to these facts, I don’t think I’m taking a really big step when I say that most people agree West Virginia fans are the most rowdy and obnixioux fans in the Big East, to the point of criminality. Throwing a beer on Otto The Orange isn’t cool, it gets you arrested. Even in Morgantown. Thus, due to the asshole fans of WVU, this remains the team that SU wants to beat the most.

I hope this will spark a debate among the fans and the staff here at Orange::44. My Basketball list will come out soon in anticipation of the upcomming season. Until then, enjoy Pittsburgh/Syracuse and conference play.

7 Responses to “Try Burning My Couch And I'll Cut You”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Don't worry, dude. Your couch is safe. Beating Sorrycuse isn't worth burning a folding chair, let alone a couch.  

  2. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    Thanks anonymous! It's great when people prove my points for me. In regards to further discussion of WVU, I think they have a great team this year. Maybe even the #2 team in the nation right now. If they make a BCS Bowl, and represent the Big East as well as they did last year, I would feel great for them and the conference. Syracuse will earn its respectability back sometime, but can some of the fans of WVU?  

  3. # Blogger samuel

    Like most places, there are a lot of terrific fans and a fair amount of numbskulls. I am a Mountaineer fan who does not enjoy the over-the-top behavior of the few jerks that hurt our reputation. There are a lot of us who just want to see good football games, cheer on the ‘Eers and leave with our families (including small children who have now unfortunately heard the f-bomb fifty times). So I’m not trying to say that we are what we aren’t, but in WV’s favor, we do have a pretty classy program, with a lot of character guys and coaches (see basketball and football). So it’s not all bad, and also we are on the rise and we need every team in the Big East to do well. So I am rooting for the Orange every week. Except for this week.  

  4. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    Thanks Samuel. I appreciate the love for the Orange when not facing the Mountaineers. I too root for the home conference when they are playing out of conference teams, especially in bowls. I can't say enough about your basketball program and how classy Coach Beilein is. We had a hell of a game in the Dome last year. As for this week, I hope we don't get killed. Thanks for stopping by Orange::44.  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    It makes sense that WVU is the #1 team on your list...since they are the most dominant team you guys play.  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

    ...please where can I buy a unicorn?  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

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