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Louisiana State University Quick Predictions

That's a lot of purple.
Syracuse has their best start to a season in years. They are atop their division in the ACC, and despite some key injuries, are playing like a moderately talented football team. But now the shit hits the fan. #8 LSU comes into the Carrier Dome looking to get in, score a ton of points, and then leave, preparing for bigger and better opponents. Syracuse, on the other hand, would love to shock the world, but more realistically they just want to avoid more injuries. Can Syracuse shock the world? I'm not taking that bet.

Leonard Fournette is probably the leading Heisman candidate right now (if there is such a thing in September). Syracuse is starting its previous 5th string QB. I can give you more detailed X's and O's but doing so is a fool's errand on a fool's journey. This isn't meant to be so depressing. But it's so depressing it's funny. I mean, beating LSU would probably be the upset of the decade. Maybe even more. And after I officiate a varsity football game here in Massachusetts, I'll go home and drink all of the Jack Daniel's I possess to celebrate, make out with my wife, and probably scream stuff off my back deck like Ric Flair. But chances are, like most of us are predicting, LSU will win by a ton, and this game will effectively be put away midway through the 2nd quarter. I'll be rooting for the upset. And for those in the Dome, you're going to at least see one really good football team. But I just think there's too much talent on LSU and not nearly enough in orange. LSU over Syracuse 48 to 20.

This game will be available nationally (yaaaay) on ESPN / WatchESPN at 12:00pm. John will be live in the Dome. I'll be in the home office. Godspeed to all of you Orange faithful in the Dome with that ungodly hoard.

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It was ugly, but this man is 3-0. You may have heard.
It was brutal. It was too close. It was QB #3 and #4 on the year. Syracuse managed to get it done in overtime, but it was not a great ending. Perhaps the worst timeout call SU has made in a while. Definitely some of the worst defending after. Syracuse was still the winner however. After an extra period, Syracuse was your winner 30 to 27.
How many quarterbacks does it take? Three. Eric Dungey was knocked out of the game on a brutal targeting penalty that was definitely upheld on review. 

It was a nasty hit and Dungey was done. So in came Austin Wilson and Zach Mahoney. Wilson had a TD and an INT. Mahoney was just good for 19 yards, going 4/4. Dungey, before leaving, had 1 TD on the ground and one in the air. Syracuse only had 11 first downs and was 1/8 on 3rd Down though. Not a great day. But they did just enough to win the game and score when they needed to.

When Syracuse needed a stop on 4th down they didn't get it. When Syracuse needed to prevent a touchdown they didn't. The only reason this grade is a C was that overall in the game they did play pretty well and on the overtime, CMU was held to only a FG. But allowing 30 first downs, and letting CMU go 3/3 on 4th Downs is crazy. 5/17 on 3rd Down isn't bad though.
Special Teams
Just fine. Riley Dixon's Heisman resume continues. Cole Murphy was 3/3 on FG, with a long of 21. Also an XP. Decent returns and no muffed punts. I'll take it.
The defense looked clueless, I know. Then they took the time out with only 15 seconds left and the clock rolling after 2 losses for the CMU offense. Then they got a TD to tie the game after kicking the XP. So either way, the defense blew it. So either way, I'll punish the coaching staff accordingly. You know they're driving and going no huddle. Maybe have your defense ready for that? And then you don't have to take a dumb TO to let CMU draw up the TD play.
C (2.18)
It was ugly, but it was a win. Syracuse starts 3-0 for the first time since the early 90's. Remember them? Gosh Syracuse was good then. And hey, this team is pretty good. They must be. They're 3-0. Don't ask any more questions now, because we're 3-0. Said Coach Shafer. Probably.
Syracuse now probably goes 3-1. Stay tuned for my depressing LSU preview later though. For now, just enjoy that Syracuse is 3-0 and that's something to enjoy.


Central Michigan Quick Predictions

No wedding this year. But it should still be a win.
Last year I wanted to watch Syracuse play Central Michigan. But my wedding was the same day. So I got in about a quarter while getting ready before heading to the church. Syracuse won that game 40-3 in an embarrassing outing for Central Michigan. You're welcome. My point is, I'm never picking against Syracuse when they play Central Michigan. Ever.
Another simple breakdown in this one. Whoever controls the line of scrimmage will win the game. Syracuse limited the rushing attack of CMU last year, and their overmatched offensive line broke and allowed Syracuse to run all over QB Cooper Rush. While Rush has gotten better this year, Syracuse should still be able to stop the rushing attack of Central Michigan. With that puts added pressure on Rush to make plays. That's when mistakes happen. If Syracuse has even the slightest success running the ball, they will win the game. Dungey has proven that he can make big throws, but I look for him to find success on the middle to short passes to keep the yards adding up, and possess the ball more. If the Syracuse defense stays fairly well rested, this game will be theirs for the taking. I like Syracuse in this one (duh) 34 to 10.
This game is available regionally at 12:30pm. Check your local listings here and the blackout map. For those who don't have the game on TV, this game is available nationally on WatchESPN. John's in the Dome. I'm at a game in real life so I'll either make it for the 4th quarter or miss you again this week. Enjoy!

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He may look unhappy, but he's 2-0.
The conference season started early for Syracuse and Wake. But hey, it was only Wake Forest after all. Syracuse couldn't have had an easier opponent. And that was necessary for Eric Dungey to get comfortable in his first start. Especially since he was just playing high school ball only a year ago. He performed well, and so did the defense. Syracuse won a game they never trailed in the 4th, 30 to 17.
Dungey (8/13, 221yds, 2 TD, 0 INT)didn't have a spectacular first half, but he had a stellar second half, including a 89yd pass to Brisly Estime, and a 53 yard pass to Steve Ishmael. The carries were spread out among the running backs and Dungey himself. All in all, they moved the ball well in the second half and earned 370 total yards and 15 first downs. They were an alarming 1/9 on third down conversions, but other than that, they had a pretty good day.
You gotta love three turnovers, one of which was a pick six 41 yards out. They limited Wake to 7 of 16 on third down as well. The three picks are the big achievement of this defense. They bent but never really broke during this game. And the scores Wake had were well earned, with the exception of their first TD. That's when the receiver just plain burned Syracuse. Upsetting. That's the only real bad play of the day though.
Special Teams
Solid day. Nothing fantastic but just doing your job. Cole Murphy was 3/3 on FG, the long of which was 39, as well as going 3/3 on XPs. Syracuse fair caught all of the punts, and only ran out one kickoff. Just doing the work is enough today. Remember when special teams was VERY special?
Some solid offensive play calling and even better defensive calls. Dungey apparently called his own plays in the huddle a few times, so the coaches can't get a perfect score, but that's still a solid day. Also, wut?!?
B (3.15)
Syracuse put in a solid performance, and other than the offense stalling in the first few drives, there wasn't much to complain about in this one. The offense played well. The defense played well. And the game was really never in doubt the last 15 minutes. A solid game all around to go 2-0 (1-0).
Syracuse will now face Central Michigan, this time in the Carrier Dome. This should be another solid, but definitely beatable opponent. Syracuse should become 3-0 before the real tests start.

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Cue The Smiling Child...

Sorry Wake, Syracuse showed up for Coach Mac.


Wake Forest Quick Predictions

Your mascot is just a dude.
Syracuse started off the season with a huge win in terms of the score against URI. But now the actual FCS teams start, and a conference game no less. Wake Forest heads into the Dome trying to prove last year was a fluke and that they aren't really as bad as you think they are.
The matchup is pretty simple actually. If Syracuse does two things they will win. Don't turn the ball over. With a freshman QB making his first start it might be a tall order. Although thrown in last week after Hunt unexpectedly went down, he seemed fairly calm and collected in the game, throwing for a couple TDs and no INTs. That's good. Not giving away the ball is the first step. The second is stopping the run for Wake. They average very few yards per carry. If Syracuse can continue that, it puts a lot of pressure on QB John Wolford. While talented, he can't win the game alone. Wake Forest isn't really that good, so if Syracuse stays in their lane, and takes care of what they should be able to do against Wake, they should win. If they go out there and Eric Dungey throws the ball to Wake several times, Syracuse will have a tough day. But I look for the Syracuse rushing attack to dominate anyway. Just like last year at Wake, Syracuse ran all over the field. Syracuse should do the same this time. I like the Orange in this one 30 to 17.

This game is available regionally at 12:30pm, via the following stations here. For those not blacked out due to the game being on TV, the game will be available on WatchESPN. For everyone, you can also watch on the ACC website here. John is in the Dome. I'm in the home office for at least the 2nd quarter until the end. An Orange Out is in effect for the game and they are honoring Coach Mac during this one so a lot of great things going on. Syracuse has a lot of reasons to show up and try and smack Wake in the mouth. Students get in free as well. Giddy up. It should be a great Saturday.

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2015 Syracuse Football Uniform Combinations

Could this be the key, the Rosetta Stone, to understanding SU attire?

During the tailgate for last week's game against Rhode Island, we happened to take a look at the sheet of tickets for this season. In addition to the scannable bar code, seat location, and of course, name of the opponent, each ticket features a faceless football player wearing a helmet, jersey, and pants. Full uniform. The ticket for each game features a different uniform combination. The one for the Rhode Island game had an orange helmet, blue jersey, and orange pants -- the same combination SU Athletics announced would be featured on the field and the same combination the team indeed wore for the game.

And so, we assumed the uniform combination on each ticket would match the on-field uniform for the team. This seemed confirmed when the school released word that the uniform combination for the Wake Forest game would be orange helmet, orange jersey, and orange pants -- same as the ticket!

If the trend holds true, here's what to expect for the rest of the games:

  • Wake Forest: orange helmet, orange jersey, orange pants
  • Central Michigan: orange helmet, blue jersey, platinum (or white?) pants
  • LSU: orange helmet, orange jersey, blue pants
  • Pittsburgh: blue helmet, white jersey, blue pants
  • Clemson: orange helmet, platinum jersey, platinum (or white?) pants
  • Boston College: orange helmet, blue jersey, orange pants
I liked that orange/blue/orange combo for Rhode Island, which in theory will be repeated for BC. I'm anxious to see whether the all-orange get-up for tomorrow's Wake game will be totally awesome, or totally obnoxious. I don't like that platinum sneaks its way in a few times, but this is Nike, so, not surprised.

Speaking of Nike, remember how there was this big event at Destiny USA in the spring of 2014, unveiling these new jerseys and how they'd be available for sale, including an orange jersey? Today is September 11, 2015, and the orange jersey is still not available for purchase. Nike, isn't your sponsorship of a school's attire -- and especially your multiple jersey combinations -- all aimed at selling merchandise? Your failure to follow through with this seems to fly in the face of everything I know about your company!

Of course, once an orange jersey goes on sale, I'll probably go to the bookstore or Manny's and think it looks stupid and not buy it. So Nike, maybe you do know what you're doing.

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Who needs a visor when your team scores 47?
The highs and lows of sports seem great. No greater illustration than this past Friday's game with URI and Syracuse if you are an SU fan. Syracuse cruised to a 47-0 victory after a crazy start for both teams, coughing up the ball a lot. But along the way, Syracuse again lost starting QB Terrel Hunt for the season. True Freshman Eric Dungey came in and performed well despite the difficult circumstances. It will be interesting from here on out, but other than Hunt going down, not too much to be upset about in this one.
Hunt came in ready to go but then turned the ball over almost immediately after Syracuse caused URI to fumble the opening kickoff. Then Hunt was knocked out, and Dungey came in to try and engineer a winning offense. He did, getting help from RB Ervin Philips' two receiving touchdowns, while throwing no INTs and going 10/17 for 114 yards. The carries were spread around for the running backs, with Jordan Fredericks and Dontae Strickland finding the End Zone. As an offense they earned 23 first downs, were 11/19 on third down conversions, 1/1 on fourth down tries, and 426 yards off offense. Considering Syracuse's offense was dreadful last year, I'll take all of this.
The defense caused three turnovers (special teams had another), limited URI to only 64 yards, two first downs, 1/11 third down conversions, and only four yards rushing, this was a very good day. And URI wasn't ever even close enough to attempt a field goal. They have the #1 rated defense in the nation right now (enjoy it, it won't last) and really earn all the praise for being the biggest question mark coming into 2015 after all the graduating players from last year. They came and took care of business against URI, as they were supposed to.
Special Teams
When you force a fumble on the opening kickoff to your opponent and you recover, you are probably in for a great day. Add to that a punt return for touchdown and that is a solid day. Punting from Riley Dixon was great, and Cole Murphy did well overall, hitting 1 of 2 field goals (23yds, missed a 44yrd) and 6/6 on extra points.
The game plan was good, especially after Hunt went down to build confidence for Dungey. Some nice throws, and good blocking allowed scores to happen and never really have any pressure on losing. Syracuse was loose, able to play a lot of younger players, and the defensive scheme worked very well at keeping the URI offense off balance. Nice work overall.
A+ (4.0)
This might be the first 4.0 in the history of Orange::44 giving grades for each game. But holding URI to zero points, as well as having a punt return, scoring 47, and generally being almost perfect, save for the Hunt INT. To keep expectations real for a moment, URI is an FCS team (1-AA). Syracuse should dominate them because they aren't even a good FCS team. And they did. Keep working hard and Syracuse might just win more than the four I predicted. With a true Freshman starting QB now though, some bad beats could be just over the horizon.
Syracuse now has their first ACC game with Wake Forest coming into the Dome for another solid test, but a team that Syracuse beat fairly easily last year at Wake. You have to like Syracuse's chances, however again, starting a true freshman in his first game will be interesting. Exciting and dangerous. What more do you want?


Cue The Smiling Child...

There might not be many this year so enjoy it when you can.


Putting The Header Back

Just doing some internal fixing. Pay no mind.


Time to open up another season.
Another college football season is underway. And your Syracuse Orange begin their 2015 campaign tonight via the internet. So it's time for the first preview of the season. Giddy up!
URI comes in after a disastrous 2014 season. More than Syracuse. URI only won one game. Syracuse fared slightly better, but considering Syracuse plays the likes of Clemson and Florida State, not sure they are as close as you might think. However the Syracuse offense was bad enough last year that maybe Rhody would have a good chance at the upset. But Terrel Hunt is back with a new offense that should be capable of scoring this season. They also have a nice stable of running backs, which is a priority for Syracuse this season. Pounding the ball, but taking calculated shots down the field will be a refreshing change from bubble screen after bubble screen and then a run up the gut from shotgun. Rhode Island will have a new starting QB, and their best player is their kick returner. Syracuse could get blown up from a Special Teams point, but kicking it deep enough to keep getting touchbacks should help. Syracuse and URI might keep it close in the first half as URI pulls every trick, and Syracuse is playing offense against a real opposing team for the first time. However, Syracuse should easily pull away in the second half, and give Syracuse a nice season opening victory. Of course, that's all pending any punches being thrown. Either way, I'll take Syracuse 34 to 17.
This game will be available for most of you via ESPN 3 / WatchESPN. A few people in New York will be able to watch on Time Warner Cable. The game is at 7:00pm tonight. Should be a fun Friday Night in the Dome. For those going enjoy. For those not, enjoy the ESPN 3 frustration and delay. John is in the Dome tonight (@JBren). Sadly I can't watch live tonight, but stay tuned all season with me as well (@BH_Orange44). And if you're new or need a refresher, a nice primer of traditions and rules you should live by are below. We're lawyers. We like rules. And as a reminder, we were the first Syracuse blog on the internet. We chronicle the daily disaster that is Syracuse University Athletics. If we don't do it, Nunes/Magician probably will.
  • The Orange::44 Legislation Project Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. (Part 1 is MOST important)
  • The Unofficial Rules of Syracuse Fandom (here). For the freshmen and those that need a refresher, AKA don't be a drunk asshole and DON'T BUY A WHITE BASKETBALL JERSEY.
  • John's tips to ready yourself for the season (here).

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The 2015 Orange::44 Football Season Preview

We're back!
Another year, another ACC preview for the fellas here at Orange::44. Both John and I give our game by game previews of how we think the Orange will do. Also check out some other articles tomorrow to get you ready for the new season.

Brian’s Season Preview

Syracuse vs. Rhode Island: Syracuse almost lost to Villanova to start the year last year, another FCS squad. However, I don’t think Terrel Hunt will punch someone this season and get tossed. URI isn’t nearly as good an FCS squad as Villanova either. SU may get off to a slow start feeling out playing against another team for the first time, but they should pull away in the second half with little trouble.

Syracuse vs. Wake Forest: Syracuse abused Wake Forest down in North Carolina last season on the ground. I see no reasons why Syracuse won’t do the same thing in the Carrier Dome. Oh yeah, and Hunt in the mix won’t hurt either. Wake is probably the worst team in the ACC, so Syracuse should at least win this one.

Syracuse vs. Central Michigan : Last year Syracuse beat Central Michigan on my wedding day. I’ll never pick against Syracuse against Central Michigan ever. 3-0 Syracuse.

Syracuse vs. Louisiana State: Despite being a lawyer I don’t know the legal situation of the LSU players that are in trouble. But I know that LSU is beating Syracuse.

Syracuse at University of South Florida: USF is one of those teams that I remember. They beat Syracuse a good amount in the Big East days thanks to Greg Robinson.  I didn’t forget. They even won a Homecoming game or two in the Dome. Syracuse should be able to beat them in Tampa. Which is not in South Florida.

Syracuse at Virginia: Did you know Mike London used to be a cop? What the hell? Anyway, I think Syracuse could get some luck and win this one, as it’s probably the most winnable left on the schedule, but I don’t like SU on the road in this one.

Syracuse vs. Pittsburgh: Ahh Homecoming. And against an old foe in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh also isn’t that great, so Syracuse has a chance here. These games are usually close and I expect a good crowd of alumni coming back for this one. Pitt has a new head coach, but I just think they have a little more talent. Pitt wins and Syracuse loses another Homecoming.

Syracuse at Florida State: Highly doubtful.

Syracuse at Louisville: I think the worst football game I ever saw was a Syracuse/Louisville game in the mud where Krags just beat GRob. Awful football. It's better now, but Syracuse still isn't as good as Louisville. Maybe if this was in the Dome, but it isn't.

Syracuse vs. Clemson: Pfffffft. No.

Syracuse at North Carolina State: Syracuse should have had a chance in this game last year, but by then the offense was done for the year. I mean they were awful. And having the 3rd string QB on the field didn’t help. It was a bit of a surprise that Syracuse couldn’t be more in this game, despite only losing by a touchdown. Anyway, SU may have a chance in this one, catching some game momentum, but I just don’t see anything happening on the road.

Syracuse vs. Boston College: Rivalry game! Just after Thanksgiving, BC heads to the Dome in this longtime rivalry. If only Diamond Ferri was still on the roster. BC has significantly improved the last couple of seasons, and pending some critical injuries to BC during the long season, I think they will have the edge. SU should keep it close in the Dome, but this will be a bad back stretch of football for the Orange in terms of wins and losses.

So there you have it. I said 4-8 and I’m sticking with it. I’d love it if I’m wrong but I just don’t think Syracuse can get that much better in just one season. Should they be better than last year and keep more games closer? For sure. But it won’t be a great season for Syracuse in terms of wins.

John’s Season Preview

Welcome to my fourth annual game by game preview for Orange::44. Last year's picks were a bit too optimistic, so I'll be much more pessimistic this go around. This squad enters the season with a lot of unknowns: how will Terrel Hunt bounce back from the injury that sidelined him for the much of last season? Does he have proper targets and a healthy running game to help him? Express Back? We'll see the option return as well. On defense, we'll be looking at eight new starters, so will that inexperience kill any momentum the offense might build? The only way to know is to play the games and see what happens. Here's what I think:

Syracuse vs. Rhode Island: With me not really knowing what to expect out of this Syracuse team, this is the perfect game for the season opener. Obviously you can't take an FCS team for granted, and it's not a guaranteed win, but let's just face the reality that this is the most winnable game on the schedule. It'll be a learning experience, see what this team looks like against someone not wearing a Syracuse jersey, see what works and what doesn't. Lose this, and the season quickly crumbles into catastrophe. Win it, and, well, you were supposed to win it. But a win is a win, and that's what I think Syracuse gets to start the season.

Syracuse vs. Wake Forest: Another year with a random ACC game early in the season. And it's fine that it's Wake Forest. Assuming Syracuse has won against Rhode Island, and learned from any mistakes it made, then I think Wake is also a winnable game. I think maybe if this was at Wake, Syracuse loses. But it's in the Dome so Syracuse wins a close one and starts the season 2-0.

Syracuse vs. Central Michigan: Remember last year when Syracuse went to wherever in Central Michigan that Central Michigan plays its games, and won 40-3? Then you probably remember that team went 7-5 in the regular season, qualified for the Bahamas Bowl, and lost an amazing game against Western Kentucky on Christmas Eve. I don't see the Chippewas being as good as last season, but the game against Syracuse won't be a blowout, either. This will be a one score game, possibly in OT. It's the 2nd consecutive noon-thirty for the Orange, so I'm giving this one to the Chippewas.

Syracuse vs. Louisiana State: It would be great if Syracuse could enter this game with the momentum of a 3-0 team, but that's not what I'm predicting. But, even if I was, I'm not picking Syracuse to win this game. Sure, LSU isn't the team it was just a few years ago. And sure, big name programs coming into the Carrier Dome sometimes stumble. Still, barring Terrel Hunt just totally tearing apart the Tiger defense, I don't think the Orange will be able to keep up with LSU in points. Syracuse falls to a 2-2 record.

Syracuse at University of South Florida:New Talking Point: Syracuse football doesn't leave the State of New York until October 10. But it'll be nice to play our old Big East rivals. Or something. Now, here's one good thing Syracuse has going for it in this game: an extra week to prepare. Historically (at least recent history) Syracuse plays better after the bye. So in what I think will be a close one with the Bulls, Syracuse just might have the edge. You know what? Yeah. I'll give this to Syracuse. Barely.

Syracuse at Virginia: You probably know by now that the Cavaliers' student section suits up for home football games. Because it won't be warm there and they're not at all uppity. No matter, it's the players on the field that determine the outcome of the game. And that outcome is a Syracuse loss.

Syracuse vs. Pittsburgh: It was just announced that Pitt will wear its iconic script Pitt as its preferred lettering across its sports this season. Pittsburgh, of course named after Elaine's boss Mr. Pitt on Seinfeld, is probably as directionless as Syracuse this season. This is Homecoming at the Dome (not that other thing the school still keeps wanting to call it)  so there will be a few thousand fans more than usual, and some extremely elderly cheerleaders on the sidelines. Let's give that edge to Syracuse, who I think actually gets a two-score win.

Syracuse at Florida State: This is where things get ugly. Scary even, and not just because it's Halloween. Jameis Winston is gone to the NFL, but his legacy will live at FSU for a long time. Whatever that legacy is. Make plans to go to a costume party with alcohol, because Syracuse will be losing this game.

Syracuse at Louisville: I remember, probably 10ish years ago, this great game that Syracuse had at Louisville, where Andrew Robinson just had a day. According to the NCAA, that game doesn't exist anymore. So maybe we'll have to create some new memories at Papa John's Stadium. Somehow, Syracuse tends to play Louisville pretty hard. Not always, but more likely than not. It would be very huge to steal this one, but I don't see it happening. Syracuse loses.

Syracuse vs. Clemson:Clemson in the Dome, so Syracuse has a shot, right? No.

Syracuse at North Carolina State: I went down to Raleigh for this game two years ago, and Syracuse found a way to win. Based on that, I say Syracuse finds a way to win again.

Syracuse vs. Boston College: "Hello, annual rivalry game to end the regular season! How's it going? Thanks, I'm good too." That's a quote from last year's season preview. I picked Syracuse to win this game last year, and, well, we all know that didn't happen. If I get all of this season's picks right, Syracuse enters this game 5-6. Syracuse would need to win this to be bowl eligible, so I'll pick them to lose and let's see what happens.

Totally devoid of any actual football analysis, I hope you thoroughly enjoyed my season preview. Here's one thing I know I'm getting right: Syracuse is wearing orange jerseys for the home game against LSU, but the fans will still not be able to buy orange jerseys this season. Take it to the bank. I'm not quite ready to predict that Jim Boeheim will be named the coach-in-waiting for when Scott Shafer is asked to step aside, though.

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