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Ashton Broyld Update

Rochester's Channel 13 WHAM is reporting today that Ashton Broyld has rejected a plea deal offered to him by prosecutors to resolve the pending charge of public lewdness against him. It appears he had been offered to plead guilty to Exposure of a Person, a violation level offense, in satisfaction of the Public Lewdness charge, a Class B misdemeanor.
My instant analysis? Broyld was looking to plead guilty to a violation-level offense, i.e. Disorderly Conduct. Instead, the prosecutor wanted a plea to Exposure instead. Both are violations and both carry the same penalties -- up to 15 days in jail, up to $250 fine -- but more likely a conditional discharge and a fine. So if the penalties are the same, then aren't we just splitting hairs as to what charge he actually pleads to? Well, not really. When you plead guilty to something, you usually have to admit to the actual conduct that is the basis for the crime. If Broyld is denying that he ever exposed himself, then he surely wouldn't plead guilty to a charge describing that conduct. Rather, by pleading guilty to Disorderly Conduct, he can admit that he engaged in conduct that caused a public annoyance, inconvenience, or alarm -- simply swearing at or making offensive gestures to the opposing fans.
In all actuality, the two sides aren't that far off. Both sides want a plea to a violation. I assume both sides are in agreement on no jail. From the prosecutor's perspective, if they can get a plea to Disorderly Conduct, they get their conviction. If I'm the DA, I don't push the Exposure charge too far -- I take my conviction when I can get it. We'll see where this case goes in the coming weeks, but I still predict, as I did in this March 30 posting, that DisCon is where we're going.

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Lacrosse Weekly - 4/27/11

Rutgers. Dominated again.
The Warrior Classic was not so classic for UMass and Rutgers. Specifically, Rutgers was owned by Syracuse to remain perfect in the Big East. Rutgers just was not as good as last season, nor are they our rival. Just for the record.
Rutgers started the game by scoring first at 11:04 in the first quarter. Then Syracuse went on an 11 goal run. Rutgers scored their second and final goal with 2:34 to go in the game. But Syracuse added the exclamation mark by earning their last goal with 24 seconds remaining. Syracuse looked good the entire game and really moved the ball well on offense, as well as having the defense amazingly solid. Some other thoughts.
  • Syracuse more than doubled shots on Rutgers. SU had 35, while Rutgers had 16.
  • Syracuse really did poorly again at the faceoff X after going 50% last week. They only won 6-18.
  • Syracuse's ride did their job again. Rutgers was only 11-18 on clears.
  • EMO defense was still solid for Syracuse. Rutgers could only go 1-6. Syracuse was 1-2.
  • Rutgers had 24 turnovers, with only 17 for Syracuse.
  • Tom Palasek was the big winner with three shots and three goals. JoJo Marasco and Jovan Miller each added two. Marasco also had two assists.
  • Joel White is still a groundball machine. He picked up eight.
  • John Galloway allowed only one goal and picked up six assists.
  • The complete box score can be found here.
Syracuse remains at #4 in both the Media and Coaches polls. Notre Dame is #1 still. Cornell and Hopkins are 2 and 3 respectively.
Looking at the Big East Standings:
1. #1 Notre Dame 10-0 (5-0)
2. #4 Syracuse 11-1 (4-0)
3. #9/10 Villanova 10-3 (2-2)
4. St. John's 4-8 (2-3)
5. Georgetown 5-7 (2-3)
6. Rutgers 5-8 (0-4)
7. Providence 3-10 (0-4)
Syracuse will next take on undefeated #1 Notre Dame in the Carrier Dome at 7:00pm on ESPN U Saturday night. This is the biggest game in terms of implications for Syracuse. The winner of this game should win the Big East and in all likelihood will earn the #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament this May. While this game will not be a track meet, it will be very exciting and I'm looking forward to it, off my DVR that is. Stupid weddings.

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The Orange::44 Podcast Episode 5 w/ Eamon McAnaney

You want lacrosse experts. We got 'em.
Syracuse takes on Rutgers this weekend in the ESPN U Warrior Classic and on the call for ESPN U is Eamon McAnaney (On Twitter @EamonMcAnaney). He joined me for a very special podcast to preview this weekend, along with talking about the bigger picture in lacrosse. I even sneaked in a Syracuse Football question. And in case you were wondering, yes Eamon is in favor of a shot clock. You can listen below or download this or any episode here.

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Lacrosse Weekly - 4/21/11

Sometimes we get frustrated too John.
Another double dip week for Syracuse Lacrosse as Syracuse travels to another neutral site game and then returned to the Carrier Dome to take on old, old rival Hobart for the Kraus-Simmons Trophy. Two more games, and this time Syracuse fared far better in a Tuesday night affair in the Carrier Dome.
But we first turn to Foxboro, where Syracuse has fared very well in recent history, including four wins, two for the National Championship. And Syracuse was taking on not the most talented team in the Big East in Providence. However, Tim Desko was out and John Lade was also sidelined. So this could have ended up tragic. Providence got on the board first in a back and forth first quarter. But with 5:07 remaining in the first, that would be the last time Providence found the back of the net. Syracuse then went on an 11 goal scoring run adding one goal in the second and third quarters, before ripping the game open in the fourth. Syracuse would go on to win 13-3. The complete box score is here. Some quick points:
  • Syracuse outshot Providence massively 40-12.
  • Syracuse also owned groundballs 34-15.
  • Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly because it was against Providence, Syracuse owned the X winning 1620 faceoffs.
  • Syracuse continued not to allow any extra man goals.
Syracuse then took on long time rival Hobart, from only an hour away in Geneva. Syracuse scored first in this one and were only up by a goal at the end of the first quarter. But then Syracuse opened up the game, scoring four unanswered goals before Hobart closed the first half earning one back. They went into the locker room with Syracuse up 7-3. Hobart then answered first out of the locker room, but then gave up five more unanswered goals before the fourth quarter. Hobart won the fourth, scoring three out of four goals with mostly SU backups in the game. But Syracuse still won by a score of 13-7. The complete box score is here. Other thoughts:
  • Syracuse again dominated shots 45-21 and would have done so even bigger were it not for the fourth quarter.
  • Syracuse again did well with groundballs, earning ten more than Hobart 34-24.
  • The Orange were 50/50 at the faceoff X earning 12-24.
  • Syracuse finally let an extra man goal by after three games of not doing so. Still, Hobart was only 1-3 on EMO and Syracuse was 3-5.
  • Syracuse capitalized on a sloppy game from Hobart. They had 30 turnovers to Syracuse's 13.
Syracuse fell in the polls to #4 in both the Media and Coaches polls after losing to Cornell last week.
Syracuse is now in second place behind Notre Dame in the Big East as they have played more Big East games and remaining undefeated. Syracuse will face Rutgers this weekend in ESPN U's Warrior Classic from East Hartford, CT at 5:30pm on ESPN U. I'll have a bigger preview coming out on this game later this afternoon with a very special guest.


Lacrosse Weekly - 4/15/11

And just like that, SU is no longer undefeated.
It's been a big week of up and downs for Syracuse Lacrosse. From a huge win against Duke, to a less impressive win on the road at Princeton, to losing to Cornell in a fairly embarrassing fashion in the Carrier Dome. Since we're covering two games, we'll gloss over a lot of the stats and scores this week, and concentrate on some analysis.
Syracuse first took on Princeton on Saturday in New Jersey. Syracuse pulled out a win, but ended up playing a sloppy game. It was mostly Syracuse in the first quarter as Joel White bounced a pass to Stephen Keogh in the crease for an easy goal. Then Princeton tied up the game to end the third quarter after three straight goals. Syracuse's defense locked Princeton down in the fourth however. And Syracuse added two more goals to ice the game. A sloppy game followed by a well executed fourth quarter led to a Syracuse victory. The complete box score can be found here.
Then we get to this past Tuesday where Syracuse played upstate rival Cornell in the Carrier Dome. This was a match between #5 and #1. Syracuse never led in this game as Cornell got on the board first and with the first three goals. Syracuse then allowed two more goals to be down that the end of the first quarter 5-1. Syracuse managed to win the fourth quarter 2-1, but by then it was far too late. Cornell looked sharp and ready to play, while Syracuse was unable to do anything on offense for the majority of the game. They had 20 turnovers, as did Cornell, but the Big Red outshot the Orange 36-25. Syracuse played their worst game of the year and was rewarded with their first loss of the season. The Cornell box score can be found here.
Syracuse was #1 in the Media and Coaches Polls this week. That is sure to change Monday. Cornell was #5 in both Polls as well. I predict Notre Dame will be #1, Cornell will jump to #2, and Syracuse will drop to #3 with Johns Hopkins actually dropping down to #4 as Syracuse beat them earlier this year. We shall see on Monday.
Syracuse will next play Providence in the New England Lacrosse Classic at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA on Saturday at 4:00pm. It will be broadcast regionally in Massachusetts on Cox Sports, and of course in New York on Time Warner Cable Sports. Correspondent John Brennan and I will be present at this game as we should see Syracuse remain unbeaten in Big East play. We'll be back after Monday with the usual full slate of Lacrosse Weekly. Syracuse should rebound after a tough loss and earn a big win in Foxboro, a place where Syracuse has always played very well and is undefeated.

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The Orange::44 Bracket Challenge Results

Another bracket down. Another year of bragging.
The Orange::44 Bracket Challenge is finished as the NCAA Tournament is concluded. Our long national nightmare of Duke being the Natty Champ is only outdone by a long national nightmare of a Connecticut team led by a proven cheater has begun. But let us celebrate what really matters. Guessing arbitrary matchups in a bracket format.
John Brennan, Orange::44's own, ends up tied for first, along with our good friend Jayme Rubinstein. However, using the final game score tiebreak John was closer. Therefore congratulations to John Brennan who made the closest bracket. If you can call it that.
#2 Jayme Rubinstein
#3 Christopher Sedenka (with the tiebreak over Jenny Ramsey).
The complete final standings are here.
Apologies for not having a Lacrosse Weekly this week, covering the Duke win. We'll be back Wednesday with the next Lacrosse weekly, covering the Princeton and Cornell games.

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