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You see that scoreboard? That's a Big East win ya sonofabitch!
Well boys and girls, I admit I am still stunned. Back around 2000 and 2001 the Big East was comprised of teams that were dynamic and interesting. The league had a feel that anyone could win on any given day, much like the basketball league does now. I did not expect Syracuse to win, but somehow they dug deep and beat Louisville. Or, Louisville is not good this year and they never seem to have an answer for Syracuse. Either way, I’ll take a win when I can. Syracuse holds off Louisville 28 to 21.

The offense did a great job of actually scoring and gaining yards. Cantley had a pretty good day (11/22, 178yds, 2 TD, 0 INT), but 11 for 22 just is not that awesome. The real story on offense is Curtis Brinkley gaining 166 yards on 33 carries, earning a touchdown. His longest play was a 45 yard run. This guy hits holes with speed (that’s what she said) and makes defenses pay when they make mistakes. Brinkley sets the school record for having five 100 yard rushing games in a row. Da’Mon Merkerson was the all star on receiving three balls for 68 yards and a touchdown. Syracuse converted six of 13 third down opportunities, converted one attempt on forth down, and earned 385 total yards, more than Louisville. Good job.

They were not as diligent as in past games, but they did manage to limit Louisville when they needed to, only allowing them to convert seven of 15 third down opportunities. They also sacked Hunter Cantwell twice and intercepted him once. All in all a solid B. They obviously managed to last the entire game, actually insuring the game for Syracuse with the interception on Cantwell. No complaints this week boys.

Special Teams
Patrick “Sex Offender Mustache” Shadle had a solid day as he was only asked to hit four extra point attempts, which he did. The punter Rob Long did alright, punting six times for a total of 249 yards, two of which were inside the 20 yard line. Max Suter and Mike Holmes combine for four kick returns for a total of 73 yards. Nothing special here, but they did the job and did not fumble at all. Therefore, a solid game for the special teams.

Greg Robinson is no genius. But, if the team wins, the buck stops with the top. If you take the shit for losing, you get the credit for winning. Nothing outrageous one way or the other. Just players executing on the field made this happen. Therefore, Greggers gets the B.

B (3.05)
Syracuse pulls off Greg’s third Big East win in four years, the second against Louisville. Greg earns his ninth win in as many years. Syracuse performed admirably despite facing another daunting team, having their reputation in the toilet, and a coach that nobody believes in. Some might give Greg credit for this win, but for me, all the credit falls on the kids in the game who persevered through a lot of odds and ended up the victors on Parents Weekend (or Family Weekend as the university calls it now… bullshit). A solid performance from everyone on the field. If only they could have played this well all along.

Syracuse will next travel to Rutgers this Saturday and will be seen on ESPN U at 12:00pm. With Rutgers also playing up and down like a yo-yo, and with this Syracuse performance the past weekend, who knows what will happen? What is certain is that Syracuse earned a few days of good jobs from fans this past Saturday, and earned a little more respect than they were getting. Stay tuned later tonight for my quick thoughts on the fake basketball game Syracuse played this past Monday evening. Until then, feel sorry knowing those players have to now travel to New Jersey.

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