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This dude will peck the shit out of you.
Here we are again. Fresh off another and final bye week. Questions loom about the status of our esteemed head coach. Even more questions are present about how the team will perform in the Carrier Dome this weekend. Syracuse decided to pretend they were a ranked team last season and beat Louisville on their own turf, winning 38 to 35 on the back of Andrew Robinson’s four touchdowns. Syracuse pulled off the biggest upset in NCAA history in terms of point spread (for entertainment purposes only). Everyone wonders if Syracuse can make it to two wins with another stunner against a decent Louisville squad. Sadly, I do not think it will happen this time around.

Louisville comes into this game after beating #16 South Florida. While this win was really nice a week ago, now that they have lost again it isn’t that amazing. However, USF certainly handled Syracuse easily. So one can only assume that Louisville will do the same to Syracuse. Hunter Cantwell however, is not having a stellar year. He has 1365 yards, ten touchdowns, nine interceptions, and ten sacks. He is vulnerable. However, our defense couldn’t stop a 1-AA school for all four quarters, so you really can’t have a lot of hope here.

I really wanted Syracuse to win this game, because I thought that no matter what happened Greg Robinson would be gone at the end of the season. However, reports have it that if Syracuse loses this weekend, that Greg could possibly be fired on Sunday. Therefore, I now am very torn. I of course always root for Syracuse, but it almost is for the greater good if we don’t. Really though, the defense will surely come through making the choice a non-issue. I say this one goes Louisville’s way by 24 points. Plus they still have got to be pissed as hell from last year still right?

As much as it pains me to see another loss, if the result is the ending of a wasted coach’s tenure, then it is very worth it. Syracuse will most likely drop another game, leaving Greg’s win total in his four seasons to eight wins. It used to be eight wins was expected every season, not every four seasons. I feel privileged to have been in school when we actually won ten games in a year. To those of you that have come since… well I do feel sorry. I am also sorry that there is a generation of fans out there that continue to think we suck and have always sucked. Go see The Express again. But before you do, be sure you submit your best crying child photo for the Cue The Crying Child Contest. If you are picked, you’ll surely get some mad props from your friends and possibly a nice prize. Keep those submissions coming. I'll be out of the home office until Sunday evening, but hopefully you'll see the crying child posted shortly after the game's conclusion.
And to all of you out there... Happy Halloween!

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