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Bye Week Quick Hits

God damn he is getting old.

Bye weeks are boring, so to make up for it, Orange::44 is going Larry King on your ass. Here are some quick hits in the style of the news icon.

Jonny Flynn will be the best point guard in the Big East this season. Even better than Scottie Reynolds.

Is it just me, or is this Greg Robinson guy actually sounding more desperate by the press conference?

Not for nothing, but Syracuse Lacrosse now has no choice but to get back to the Final Four.

As much as I would like to see it, Syracuse will not beat Louisville this season.

I still maintain UConn should not be ranked in any poll, especially the BCS Poll.

Making the mistake of a Nike Swoosh on the Ernie Davis statue is the biggest blunder the university has made this year, save for not firing Greg Robinson.

No one likes a curve breaker.

For my money, the Cookiewhich is the best thing you can purchase at the Carrier Dome.

The Express very well may have rendered all future attempts at cinema obsolete.

All those padded seats that people bought for the football season are so tacky.

Hey Otto, stop trying to make that whole surfboard thing happen. It's stupid.
Remember that whole Norovirus outbreak at Georgetown? Colgate was supposed to play them in football for their homecoming at Colgate, but they canceled because Colgate didn’t want to get infected. Clearly Georgetown hates all Upstate New York schools.

The best place to pee outside on campus is under Newhouse. In a close second is the world’s most expensive outdoor urinal, Nancy Cantor’s wall.

When you go to Faegan’s on $2 Night, if you do not buy a round of shots you are crazy and/or lame.

It couldn’t hurt to let Andrew Robinson start against Louisville this week. There are absolutely no consequences no matter who starts.

Yes the basketball team is underrated, but I’m totally fine with that.

Mark my words, there will be at least two court rushes this season.

Not playing UConn twice in a season just leaves me feeling empty.

Curtis Brinkley would be an award contender on a team with a better reputation.

Can we not schedule 1-AA teams for football anymore? I’d rather have a winless season than almost get beat by the likes of Northeastern.

Will I run out of pictures of crying children? Not likely.

Remember, if Greg elects to punt on third down you have to finish your drink.

Jim Brown is still one angry dude, despite being prominently represented in a major motion picture.

So there you have it. Bye weeks can be boring, especially when I have several court appearances this week, but we can perk it up with some new content on a Tuesday. Stay tuned for more coming this week, I promise.

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