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Yup, this guy is still douchetastic.
The first basketball rankings have come out, which means we are only a short time away from NCAA hoops action. So with the first rankings comes my full assed attempt to berate and belittle the choices ESPN have made in putting out their first poll.

1. North Carolina (31) 0-0 775
2. Connecticut 0-0 707
3. Louisville 0-0 694
4. UCLA 0-0 650
5. Duke 0-0 578
6. Pittsburgh 0-0 576
7. Michigan State 0-0 572
8. Texas 0-0 538
9. Notre Dame 0-0 525
10. Purdue 0-0 465
11. Gonzaga 0-0 437
12. Memphis 0-0 425
13. Tennessee 0-0 408
14. Oklahoma 0-0 387
15. Arizona State 0-0 304
16. Miami (FL) 0-0 233
17. Marquette 0-0 219
18. Georgetown 0-0 175
19. Florida 0-0 161
20. Davidson 0-0 158
21. USC 0-0 153
21. Wisconsin 0-0 153
23. Kansas 0-0 130
24. Wake Forest 0-0 129
25. Villanova 0-0 122
31. Syracuse 0-0 23

Alright, North Carolina at the top. Fine. I’ll buy that. However Tyler Hansbrough is currently injured with a stress injury to his shin.

UConn at #2? Maybe if there were only 5 games before the Big East Tournament and they only had one loss, but with the roster they have and the chronic behavior problems the gentlemen currently on the squad have had, two is a bit high for my taste. Top 25 maybe. But two? Get the fuck outta here.

Louisville is #3 on the list. Truth be told I have not done my research on this team yet. However, with Rick Patino at the helm it is quite likely they will be a team to be reckoned with.

Notre Dame gets the #9 slot on the back of Preseason All Big East Luke Harangody. He’s good, but the question is will he collapse against Syracuse like Roy Hibbert used to? Time will tell.

Georgetown has a shell of a team they did last season, yet they are ranked 18. No clue how that happened.

Syracuse is #31 in the voting. The Big East media have voted Syracuse spot #6. This would put Syracuse in eight. Something needs to be reconciled.

Either way, the best thing about this poll is there are only four teams from the ACC on here. ACC deez nuts.

Before the season I’ll have more concrete predictions and analysis, but until then I’m knee deep in regret and heartache from football. How this publication doesn’t win The Job Award every year with this team I’ll never know.


2 Responses to “The Top 25 Is Here!”

  1. # Blogger Robert

    Miss it! Miss it!

    Have fun.


  2. # Blogger Brian Harrison


    But hilarious none the less.  

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