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FootBlogPoll: Week Fourteen

The topping on the cheesecake that is Thanksgiving Weekend is always the Grambling State-Southern University Battle of the Bands. It's the only time of the year I get to watch a bunch of people in uniform grind it out to Jay-Z and Barry White.

Which brings me to my beef for the week: why did NBC cut away from parts of each band's halftime show? It was the only damn reason that game should be on national television.

If the network really wants to sell some advertisements, let them run long through the game. Nobody wants to watch those schools actually play football. All anyone wanted to do was watch the Tiger Marching Band and the Human Jukebox throw down in Reliant Stadium.

You suck, NBC. I'm adding you to the list. Again.

[Games I Took In This Week]
Western Michigan v. Northern Illinois
Pittsburgh v. West Virginia
Texas v. Texas A&M
Arkansas v. Louisiana State
Arizona v. Arizona State
Nebraska v. Colorado
Maryland v. N.C. State
South Florida v. Connecticut
Florida State v. Florida
Fresno State v. Nevada
Notre Dame v. Stanford

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[Notes About This Week's Ballot]
1. Not a lot of teams moved in my ballot this week and I feel very good about that.
2. The teams that did change position moved for a few reasons. The first being that I'd rather not see a team play (like Penn State) than watch a team play and perform poorly (LSU and Notre Dame). I'm not sure why I feel that way, or even if I should, but I do.

The second reason for the changes is that teams like Fresno (well, only Fresno) proved once again that I am a world-class sucker.

3. I was really on the fence about putting Oklahoma in and taking Texas Tech out. Any strong feelings about that?

4. The big question going into this weekend is how much to reward West Virginia if they beat South Florida.

5. I didn't see the Georgia Tech/Georgia game, so I'm a little wary on where to slot Tech. I know they kept it close, but how much can you reward a 7-4 club? I really don't think they belong in the Top 20, but I'm not so sure they should be rotting at 24.

6. After watching New Hampshire throttle Colgate on Saturday, I'm willing to hear arguments for the Wildcats.

FootBlogPoll: Week Fourteen
1.Southern California11-01
3.Penn State10-15
4.Louisiana State10-1


5.Notre Dame9-24
6.Virginia Tech10-16
7.Ohio State9-27
8.Miami (FL)9-28
12.West Virginia9-114
18.Boston College8-320
22.Fresno State8-312
24.Georgia Tech7-419
25.Texas Tech9-225

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