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BlogPoll: Week Eight

Besides Syracuse being taken out behind the woodshed against Rutgers on Saturday, this weekend provided one hell of a smorgasbord of college pigskin.

As always, commentary on my ballot is welcome. There's no guarantee that a change may be made because of your comments, but I have it on good authority that telling me why I'm stupid is good for the heart and adds years to your life.

Also, it looks as if PittsSportsBlather and I will be exchanging some comments about Saturday's tilt between the Orange and the Panthers. Should be fun.

[Games I Took In This Week]
Rutgers v. Syracuse
Michigan State v. Ohio State
Penn State v. Michigan
Southern California v. Notre Dame
Florida v. Louisiana State

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[Notes About This Week's Ballot]
I feel really good about the first nine teams I have slotted. After that, it's a crapshoot.

Notre Dame takes only a negligible hit. Even though they lost "because Southern California cheated," they still lost. ND should not have put themselves in a situation where SC could have the opportunity to cheat and win.

Texas Tech is on the verge of proving me right.

I have a feeling that Wisconsin and Minnesota may be sliding in and out of the poll for the rest of the season. Neither team plays consistently on both sides of the football week in and week out.

Should Northwestern be in Nebraska's slot? I'm not exactly sure.

California probably shouldn't be ranked, but until they really tank it, I feel compelled to keep them among the ranked 25.

BlogPoll: Week Eight
1.Southern California6-01
3.Virginia Tech6-03
5.Louisiana State4-15
6.Miami (FL)5-17
7.Notre Dame4-26
8.Texas Tech6-010
11.Ohio State4-216
12.Penn State6-19
15.Florida State5-112
17.Boston College 6-118
18.Fresno State4-120
20.Michigan State4-215
21.West Virginia6-1NR


2 Responses to “BlogPoll: Week Eight”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I hate the Nittany Lions just as much as the next guy, but didn't Ohio St. lose to Penn St. like 2 weeks ago? I'd watch out if I were you... Joe Pa has a history of running around hitting officials; college football bloggers are the next logical step to take his old wrath out on.


  2. # Blogger Matt Glaude

    Sorry, Davey -

    Looks like OSU has rebounded nicely from that loss to PSU and handled one hell of an offense from Michigan State.

    Gotta go with the Bucks here.

    If JoePa doesn't like it, he can't eat some of his ice cream and remember when he was relevant at the turn of the century.  

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