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BlogPoll: Week Five

As the date line on this essay clearly indicates, it has been a solid week since my last publication.

You're Welcome.

I have been absolutely swamped the past week with the oppressive daily grind that is law school sprinkled with the added joy of trying to complete a moot court brief. As such, writing essays about Syracuse's incredible roster of injured footballers has taken a necessary backseat.

I hope to have my house in order by this weekend so as to watch the heroic beating the Orange will take at the hands of the Seminoles. If not, I'm officially on hiatus until October 4th.

[Games I Took In This Week]
East Carolina v. West Virginia
Iowa v. Ohio State
Notre Dame v. Washington
Florida v. Kentucky

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Week Two
Week Three
Week Four

BlogPoll Central

BlogPoll: Week Five
1.Southern California3-01
3.Virginia Tech4-03
5.Ohio State3-17
8.Louisiana State1-15
9.Notre Dame3-111
10.Miami (FL)2-112
11.Texas Tech3-013
12.Arizona State3-114
13.Florida State3-015
14.Texas A&M2-116
15.Michigan State4-020
17.Alabama 4-022
22.Boston College3-1NR
23.West Virginia4-024
24.Fresno State1-125


Commentary to follow shortly. Or not at all. One of the two.

2 Responses to “BlogPoll: Week Five”

  1. # Blogger Nathan

    Keeping Michigan ranked and not Georgia Tech makes baby kittens cry.  

  2. # Blogger Matt Glaude

    From what my Mom used to tell me, there's another activity that makes baby kittens cry, but that has less to do with football and more to do with some soggy tissues.

    Anyways, onto the GT-Michigan issue.

    After the pounding GTech took at the hands of VTech this weekend, I couldn't in good conscience keep them in my poll. The Yellow Jackets turned in a Syracusian performance, basically allowing the better team to decimate them from one endzone to the other.

    Now, with that said, Michigan probably shouldn't be ranked either.

    But who else to include in the 25 spot?

    Virginia? Not after the clunker they turned in against the Orange.

    Wyoming? Get real.

    Oregon? I have little faith in the Ducks, even after the first half they turned in against SC.

    So it had to be Michigan, not because they deserve it, but because nobody else was deserving of the spot.  

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