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BlogPoll: Week One

"Every generation needs a new revolution."
- Thomas Jefferson

"You say you want a revolution...."
- The Beatles

"Outta my way, jerkass!"
- Homer J. Simpson

And with those three quotes of perfect applicability, I proudly present mgoblog's Blogpoll.

It may not be a traditional "renverse la presse," but at least there'll be more clutter on the internet, and in the end, that's the most important thing.

It doesn't take Stephen Hawking twitching in his wheelchair to realize that this blog has been hopelessly dedicated to presenting original content. With this in mind, I'm torn on how to approach my participation in this poll.

Ideally, I'd like to develop a rating system similar in nature to what Sagarin and Massey have concocted. Through a modified examination ofPythagoreann points disparity and strength of schedule, I think a meaningful rating system could be developed.

However, as of this moment I have no idea where to start.

So what I'm left with is a pseudo-subjective methodology buttressed by looselyaffiliatedd data. It's a power poll of sorts, but not with hardfast rules of slotting. It's not ideal, but until I can sit down and make some smoke bellow from my ears, this is the vehicle I'm using.

BlogPoll: Week One
1.Southern California0-0
3.Virginia Tech0-0
9.Louisiana State0-0
12.Ohio State0-0
13.Texas A&M0-0
15.Boise State0-0
16.Fresno State0-0
18.Arizona State0-0
20.Texas Tech0-0
21.Florida State0-0
25.Boston College0-0

1. Southern California
I'd take SC to win the NFC West this year by at least two games.

2. Texas
I'm not sure I'm really satisfied with Texas in the two hole. I really wanted to put Virginia Tech in this position, but I really felt that Vince Young has more "X Factor Winnability"than Marcus Vick.

3. Virginia Tech
I really like Tech this season, despite the loss of so much senior talent from last season. The defense could be one of the ten best in the country and Frank Beamer always seems to have a cupboard full of slashing backs. This is the only team in the country that I think matches up pretty well with SC on both sides of the football.

4. Tennessee
The way I have initially slotted teams, UT is shaping up to be the most disappointing team in my poll submission. Personally, I don't think there's a chance in hell that Phil Fulmer will beat Georgia, Florida, or Steve Spurrier this season. However, since the BlogPoll works on a premise of not considering future schedules and anticipated wins and losses, I'm stuck putting UT in the three hole only because Fulmer has a team he should dominate with. But he won't.

5. Iowa
Two Words: Kirk Ferentz.
Fourteen More: Will Kirk Ferentz find somebody to throw and run the ball efficiently this season?

Even with the question marks on offense this season, you can't bet against Kirk Ferentz. You just can't. He's the like Favre - any time you think there's no chance in hell that success is possible, he does nothing but exceed expectations.

6. Oklahoma
Solid defense.
Adequate offense.
Above-average talent.
Overhyped, yet ahead-of-the-mean workhorse RB.

7. Michigan
Behind Reggie Bush, Mike Hart might just be the second best running back in the country. And that's not even the reason to slot Michigan seven - it's the big jamokes they have on both lines.

8. Louisville
A lot has been inked about UL's offense, but the reason they've been able to turn heads the last few years has been a defense solidly within the nation's top 15. There has been turnover this season, but not enough for me to believe they aren't one of the best 10 teams in the country right now.

Added note: Sleeper Heisman Pick-Brian Brohm.

9. Louisiana State
I really like Les Miles. He has done more with less while out at Oklahoma State battling it out in the Big 12 South. Now that he has a truckload of talent to work with, he's set to blow the doors off the SEC. I would have slotted LSU higher, but I'm not yet sold on JaMarcus Russell running the show for the Tigers.

10. Florida
I like Chris Leak.
I like Urban Meyer.
I like defenses that create turnovers.
I like linebackers that average about 6'3", 230 and can blitz like crazy with a pretty solid secondary.
I like Andre Caldwell.
I don't like not having any idea who the hell is running the rock.

11. Miami
Was there a bigger disappointment over the last two years than Brock Berlin? God, what a loser.

I really don't think this Miami team will be better than they were last year. The defense is experienced, especially in the secondary, but the only guy on the offensive side of the ball that makes me cheer is Greg Olsen at tight end. Granted, there is a ton of potential, but until they trot this team out onto the field, I'm really not sure that this is a top ten team.

12. Ohio State
If Troy Smith/Justin Zwick can get Santonio Holmes and Teddy Ginn the ball, I would really fall in love with this squad because Tressel has a national championship defense. However, I think Zwick/Smith aren't guys that can win the Buckeyes games; they're the reason that OSU will lose games this season. I'm also not sold on Haw/Pittman being stud backs this season.

13. Texas A&M
Why not?

Reggie McNeal deserves to play for a top 15 team, and there is enough offensively around him to let McNeal take them here if he chooses. It's just a shame McNeal can't play any defense, because if A&M doesn't have a good summer focusing on stopping the football, Reggie is going to have to score about 35 points a game.

14. Georgia
UGA is probably better than this. In fact, I know that they are. Just look at the names: Shockley, Brown, Minter, etc. They can play football. I just don't think they know how to win enough football games. Plus, I am sick and tired of them burning me every friggin' year.

15. Boise State
I would have absolute faith in Coach Hawkins to run this country, nevermind just a football team.

Boise is going to score a million points this season, and if they beat Georgia convincingly, I'm move BSU into my top five. I like them that much this season.

16. Fresno State
A lot of people smarter than me really like Fresno this season. And that's good enough for a preseason poll.

17. Auburn
I really can't see how a team that took so many lumps from early-entry and graduation can possibly be in the top 15. This team relied so much on guys no longer in orange and blue that they should be about an above-average SEC club.

18. Arizona State
This was a toss-up for me. Number 18, by hell or high water, was going to be either ASU or Cal. Tough luck, Bears (even though I have officially gotten on the Marshawn Lynch bandwagon). Having fallen victim to "UGA Disease" as of late, unless ASU gets on the field and proves me wrong, they should be closer to leaving the poll than dominating it.

19. Pittsburgh
I like Greg Lee.
I like Tyler Palko.
I like Dave's mustache.
I like a defense with seven returning starters that will get better under Dave's direction.
I like Pitt.

20. Texas Tech
I really wish Tech would play on the East Coast so I'm not stuck watching only highlights of eight-passing touchdown games.

21. Florida State
Will be out of the poll soon, so no commentary is warranted. It's like staring at nothing but question marks and holes that might be filled with someone having talent.

22. Virginia
Another "UGA Disease" team.

Al Groh is a terrific recruiter. However, he seems to have more brainfarts on gameday than anyone else in a major conference. Marcus Hagans has a chance to be a pretty resourceful QB (think Bryan Randall with better pocket decisionmaking skills), and the defense is jacked up with talent at linebacker (Brooks and Parham).

23. Purdue
You tell me.

24. Colorado
Last year, Gary Barnett kept things together despite the circus his own sleeziness created. Now that nobody gives a damn about the Buffs, expect CU to start pounding the football like the days of old.

25. Boston College
I really didn't want to rank BC. I really think BC could end up in the bottom third of the ACC this year when things start playing out.

But who else do you rank here? Oregon? Oregon State? Penn State? Notre Dame? None of those teams deserved to be ranked yet either. So, BC gets the spot until they gracious give it to some other team that has no business being ranked.

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