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Big East Football: Week Six

In honor of the NHL dropping the puck on the 2005/6 season tonight, it seems proper to pay an homage to the greatest game played on ice with a rubber puck, ice skates, and goalie nets spanning 6' by 4'.

First, a haiku:

Hockey is the best,
Death lurking at every turn,
Fuck you, Montreal.

And now, a video of why hockey turns boys into men, and men into potentially hardened criminals:

Face + Stick = Goalie Fight

(Special thanks to Wayney's Hockey Fight Page for the video.)

I love you, hockey.

Anyways, with that out of the way, back to focusing on the weekly disappointment that is Big East Conference football.

What did we learn last week from the Big East Conference?

  • Pittsburgh is hilariously bad,
  • If Rutgers was a person, it'd be a virgin because it has no ability to seal the deal
  • Syracuse has just a brutal schedule and has no business being on the field with most of its opponents, and
  • South Florida has a long road to hoe before it lays claim to a championship banner.

Other than that, everything was peaches and cream.

Well, not quite. West Virginia, for all intents and purposes, got schllacked by Tech and Louisville and Connecticut proved nothing by smacking around teams that have no business giving out 85 D-1A scholarships.

So, other than that, everything was sunshine and lollipops.

Big East Football: Week Five
10.7.05Syracuse v. ConnecticutEast Hartford, CTESPN28:00 PM
10.8.05West Virginia v. RutgersPiscataway, NJERT12:00 PM
Cincinnati v. PittsburghPittsburgh, PA2:00 PM
North Carolina v. LouisvilleLousiville, KYWHAS4:30 PM

Reasonable Out Of Conference BE Record (Week 1): 1-0
Optimistic Out Of Conference BE Record (Week 1): 1-0
Pessimistic Out of Conference BE Record (Week 1): 1-0

[Game of the Week]
Oh, man. What a dumpy, dumpy conference slate this week.

I suppose West Virginia facing Rutgers in New Jersey is the game of the week by process of elimination. Louisville should blow out Carolina, Pittsburgh against Cincy will just be a mess, and Syracuse against Connecticut should be a steaming pile of dung.

So congrats, RU/WVU! You're officially the most watchable unwatchable game of the week!

And what's worse, this game just may decide the race for the Big East championship.

Oh, Happy Day!

Thank God it's hockey season.

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