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Big East Football: Week Seven

This virtual notebook has always been dedicated to chronicling the daily disaster that is Syracuse University athletics and providing Bunsen and Beaker-esque statistical analysis. While a noble cause that has been fervently pursued, this dedication has forced me to write in an angry and forlorn tone.

So I've come to a very important decision.

Until a Syracuse quarterback throws for three touchdowns in one game or a Syracuse runningback turns in an "Al Bundy" (four touchdowns in one game), I will supplement every essay that makes mention of the Orange football team with a picture of a crying child or a woman receiving the spoils of domestic abuse.

Brian has his OMG!!!1!! kittens.

Stranko and Orson have their mustachioed mavens.

I have malnourished children that have been beaten and robbed of their innocence. I hope you're happy, Coach Robinson.

With that business out of the way, onto the slate of deliciousness that is Week Seven in the Big East.

Big East Football: Week Seven
10.15.05Rutgers v. SyracuseSyracuse, NYERT12:00 PM
South Florida v. PittsburghPittsburgh, PAESPN3602:00 PM
Louisville v. West VirginiaMorgantown, WVABC3:30 PM
Connecticut v. CincinnatiCincinnati, OH4:00 PM

Reasonable Out Of Conference BE Record (Week 7): 0-0
Optimistic Out Of Conference BE Record (Week 7): 0-0
Pessimistic Out of Conference BE Record (Week 7): 0-0

[Game of the Week]
Not a bad slate of games to choose from this week. South Florida and Pittsburgh is an interesting tilt, considering that game just may determine who will take the Big East's final bowl spot. Rutgers and Syracuse has some juice, if only for the fact that Trans Am aficionado Greg Schiano will find a way to make the Scarlet Blight fall square on their nose at the close of the final gun.

But the best game of the week is Louisville trekking up to the Lighter Fluid & Sofa Capital of the World. Two pretty good defenses will tangle Saturday afternoon, it's just a matter of whether the Mountaineers have enough firepower to diffuse Brian Brohm and company.

If they do, get the West Virginia cologne ready (read: pepper spray).

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    Please go to PittSportsBlather to locate and shoot me an e-mail.

    I don't see your e-mail on your blog and don't like to post mine (re: get harvested by spammers). Would like to exchange views ahead of this week's games.  

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