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Projected Basketball Rosters

How about another one in 2008/2009?

Projected Hoops Rosters: 2006 - 2009
2006/2007SR.M. GormanF
D. NicholsG/F
T. RobertsF/C
D. WatkinsC
JR.J. WrightG
SO.E. DevendorfG
A. OnuakuF/C
A. RautinsG/F
FR.D. Brennan-McBrideF/C
P. HarrisG/F
2007/2008SR.J. WrightG
JR.E. DevendorfG
A. OnuakuF/C
A. Rautins


K. Ongenaet



A. Onuaku

P. HarrisG/F
FR.J. FlynnG
D. GreeneF
R. JacksonF
A. JardineG
S. WilliamsC
2008/2009SR.K. OngenaetF

A. Rautins


E. Devendorf


A. OnuakuF/C

P. Harris


SO.J. FlynnG
R. Jackson F
A. JardineG
S. WilliamsC
FR.J. SoutherlandF
M. JonesF
K. JosephF

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11 Responses to “Projected Basketball Rosters”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Holy crap, 2006 is gonna be bad. I haven't seen a senior class that pathetic since Jeremy McNeil was banging a band girl that even the band guys wouldn't touch.


  2. # Blogger Matt Glaude

    Look at that year's potential starting five:

    PG - J. Wright
    SG - E. Devendorf
    SF - P. Harris
    PF - T. Roberts
    C - D. Watkins

    That team is going to score about 50 points/game with Devendorf and Harris dumping in around 20 apiece.

    What isn't helping will be the terrible depth. When McCroskey and Nichols are your first and second options off the pine, there is big trouble.

    Ugly, my friend. Ugly.  

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