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It is one of the worst feelings. After having a huge upset, where the team plays like a number one seed in the NCAA Tournament against #8 Georgetown, the team goes to Kentucky and plays terribly. Seeing as I spent a lot of time covering last weekend and random bits of things in the last couple of days, I really did not want to mull over this loss anymore. Therefore, much like the USF game, I will be to the point and a touch brief with this postgame.

Arinze Onuaku had another huge game with 16 points and eight rebounds in 33 minutes of play. His defense also limited Dave Padgett, about two screws away from being the man with bionic legs, to only one point. If he keeps it up, he very well may be the Big East most improved player. That idiot AJ Price will probably get it though if UConn keeps winning. Paul Harris deserves a mention for that as well.

Greene was one for ten from long range and three for 15 overall. He finished with nine points and a dreadful offensive performance. He somewhat made up for it with 12 rebounds, but that is small consolation when you need to finish the game with more points than the other team and not more rebounds to win.

Harris had 13 points and played fairly well considering no one could make a jump shot. He also earned three rebounds and went seven of nine from the line.

Flynn actually sat down for one minutes snapping his streak of games played without a break. He earned eight points and three assists. He still is making good decisions and looks good when slicing the lane. This kid right now should be Big East Rookie of the Year.

Kristof had zero points but I still like him for his defense and rebounding. He earned seven rebounds, and three offensive rebounds. I agree with Russ at The Three Idiots that he is a pretty underrated passer as well.

Scoop played 12 minutes, but did not really contribute offensively. Jackson still has trouble finishing and needs to put on some pounds of muscle to be truly great. That ends the contributions from people on the bench.

Truth be told, as much as the announcers made a big deal about it, the team did really look out of gas within the last four minutes. It looks like playing all the minutes is not really a problem unless they are playing in the always tough Saturday to Monday situation. This concerns me for a possible Big East Tournament run, as you play back to back days and games. The bench could very well be a big problem, especially if we need to win two or three games to make the NCAA Tournament.

This team shot extremely poor compared to the last few games (29%). Syracuse also did not manage to score above 60 points. The team also made only two of twenty three point attempts. This was just pitiful and sad to watch. As a matter of fact, not gonna lie, I became super snatchy while watching this game.

While the zone defense looked pretty good, it just never feels like Syracuse caught any breaks when it comes to the point in the game when they need a big rebound, and the same can be said for the last few games even when playing well.

The team at least made their free throws. They made 16 of 22 for 73%.

This team was severely and outrageously outrebounded. Louisville had 53 defensive rebounds and 19 offensive. Syracuse respectively had 34 and eight. That is a stark difference and it had a big reason the outcome of the game went to L’ville. Not good my friends.

Really, when it came down to it, the team could not hit the ocean from a boat, and they could not stop anything in the last couple of minutes. So I was not surprised that this game was well in the bag before the final minute.

After the Georgetown win I think a possible NIT bid is almost certain at the minimum. The Orange still have a chance at an NCAA bid with their remaining schedule, but they need another big win. Otherwise, this was not a pleasant game to watch and it made me upset especially after seeing the Georgetown game and knowing that this team can play very well. A win this Sunday versus Notre Dame will go a long way in stating the case for Syracuse to reach March Madness. We can only wait and see what team will show up, until then we have some Orange::44/Magician coming soon, and some more football talk with our friends at Lake The Posts. Stay tunes and enjoy your week off from the frustrating hoops victories that we mention on the clock above.

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6 Responses to “Syracuse - Louisville Postgame Reactions OR The Tank Was On E”

  1. # Blogger dkelz1888

    Sort of surprising, but at least the refs didn't take Jimmy making a T with his hands for him saying "call a technical on me!"  

  2. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    And you know Cahill wanted to give him a tech so bad because he loves to job Syracuse.  

  3. # Blogger Jeff

    To be honest, I was thinking we'd have a tougher time with the Cardinals than the Hoyas. Something about the Hoyas' style seems to play into our hands.

    Also, even though this didn't happen, I was thinking that we'd be throwing the ball all over the place against Louisville.  

  4. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    I agree, I also thought it was going to be harder Jeff, but that is just because L'ville is not a rival and we always step up for rival games. Also, we played Georgetown at home, while we played L'ville on the road. Always tougher on the road. Plus, on a day of rest, that has got to take its toll on a team that has their starters in for a looooooong time.  

  5. # Blogger Russianator

    The road ahead is tough, and I'm not liking the ND match up - not one bit.  

  6. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    I know what you mean Russ. I exhaust my thinking outloud on the ND Game over on Nunes/Magician.

    Safe to say it is always a scary game in the Joyce these days.  

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