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Once in a while I managed to score in this game.

So, I will be honest. I had an awful day. This team losing to f’ing South Florida really did not help. At least I could not watch this game. As this was the last game to be broadcast regionally, I will be at or watch each remaining game on the Syracuse schedule. That being said, let us take a look at the FUBAR in Florida.

You can see the box score from here. Let us just skip to some analysis in bullet point style to save me time an aggravation:

- Syracuse allowed a team that they significantly out rebounded against at home manhandle them inside on the boards. This is not indicative of the teams that have outrebounded the shorter teams in the Big East, such as Villanova.

- Syracuse went back to their old ways of committing more turnovers than the other team. Syracuse had 16, while USF had 14.

- Syracuse’s free throw percentage dipped below 70% again and they ended up going 15 of 24 for a total percentage of 62.5. Not good, especially against a team you should have killed again.

- The defense let Dominique Jones explode for 29 points. That is a smack in the face compared to the reasonable 23 he earned the last time.

- Onuaku was ineffective on the inside compared to his last outing versus South Florida. What happened to our dominate center?

-Greene still cannot make a three point basket to save his life lately. In the last four games he has made only five out of 25. In this game he went zero for three. This should scream “stay one more year”. He also had a team high six turnovers. Awesome.

- Syracuse was down 24 to 38 at the half. I mean Christ.

- Scoop returned to see significant minutes, clocking in 37 minutes. He earned ten points and seven assists during that time. Not bad for your first real game back son.

- Flynn again played all 40 minutes, which is still just fine by me. He earned 16 points and six assists. Another solid day for the kid.

- The Paul Harris Express keeps rolling along. He earned 14 points, six assists, and six rebounds.

-Rick Jackson blocked five shots. It is about time Syracuse had some more blocks since the departure of Hakim Warrick and Jeremy McNeal.
Despite the fact that Jim Boeheim says this USF team is a good team, they are not. Syracuse is now even in the league at .500 and will need to win against Georgetown, Louisville, and Notre Dame to seek an at large NCAA bid. Do not count this Syracuse squad out as I am not, and neither are the experts, but this has to demoralize the squad. Syracuse next plays Georgetown at noon in the Carrier Dome next Saturday. I will be there to cheer on my squad and say the most belligerent anti-Georgetown things I can think of. Until next time, ask yourself, why does Georgetown love to collect the kids of players and coaches that were way better then they ever will be?

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5 Responses to “Syracuse - South Florida Postgame Reactions OR Well Isn't That Just Great”

  1. # Blogger John

    A couple weeks ago, Onuaku didn't put up good numbers and you called him a non-factor. I stuck up for him, saying his non-statistical intangibles helped SU win that game.

    However, this isn't the case anymore.

    Something has happened over the last 3-4 games that has caused Arinze to be, well, there's no other good way to say this: a pussy. He gets the ball and he's afriad to drive to the basket. He hesitantly puts the ball on the floor, or plays hot potato or turns it over. His defensive play and rebounding skills have been lacking lately as well.

    He either needs a good bitch slap, or a hard punch in the face. I want the old AO back.  

  2. # Anonymous Axeman

    "Syracuse was down 24 to 38 at the half. I mean Christ."

    That about says it all, doesn't it?  

  3. # Blogger Russianator

    Let's not forget that at halftime they had 9 field goals and 12 turnovers. I'm almost glad I didn't have time to delve into that debacle today.  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    2007-08 Season: "The Carrier Dome is officially closed."

    "Syracuse ... will need to win against Georgetown, Louisville, and Notre Dame to seek an at large NCAA bid."

    lol! Also, did you consider that if all the teams in the Big East except Syracuse commit major NCAA violations and are banned from the tournament, Syracuse would automatically get the Big East bid. Actually that's probably more likely than Syracuse sweeping Georgetown, Louisville and Notre Dame.

    Q: "ask yourself, why does Georgetown love to collect the kids of players and coaches that were way better then they ever will be?"

    A: Because those kids can beat South Florida.  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    My apologies for making fun of the Cuse. We got torn apart. Ridiculous. Props to the Orange.  

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