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Since I actually have an internet connection for the game today, I figure it might be interesting to live blog this bad boy. I'm not exactly sure what format this record of present sense impressions will take, but I'm pretty sure it will become the basis for a sociological study on depression, pessimism, and grammatical errors.

11:26 AM
I really dislike Boston College, and I'm not exactly sure why.

It's not because of the university's defection from the Big East because I was an ardent supporter of Syracuse making the same move. It's not because Boston College has gotten a GameDay appearance before Syracuse has because, frankly, I don't give a damn if Fowler & Co. come "to my city."

It's probably because the BC student body has created some of the worst spirit signs I've ever seen in my life.

"We Have Jesus"
"F S Who?"

And these are some of the better ones.

The Holy Father Above needs to smote these jamokes.

11:33 AM
From Donnie Webb on the Syracuse Post-Standard Weblog:

Syracuse University freshman wide receiver Lavar Lobdell of CBA did not dress out for today's game. He's on the sidelines wearing a game jersey and blue sweat pants. School officials in the press box are investigating and an update will be posted when news becomes available.


11:54 AM
Looks as if Corso and Herbstreit are both going with the Cavs today.

The clan of CBS selectors (Darst, Dodd, Harmon, and Mejia) are also throwing their confidence behind a banged up Virginia squad.

Not so fast my friends....

12:00 PM
Blue jerseys with white pants?


However, it looks a lot better than all the aluminum colored shirts the Orange faithful are pimping today.

12:06 PM
I would like to smack Pam Ward with a large, heavy object. She is already butchering this game.
Great defensive series by the Orange to start the game. Gregory with a nice stop on the opening play of the game and LaCasse and Wyche managed to not overpursue the quarterback for the first time in their careers.

12:14 PM
Orange: 7
Cavs: 0

That may have been the slowest quaterback draw in the history of football. It's as if Patterson heard the dinner bell being rung by the band and came a runnin'.

Break out the oxygen mask.

It's amazing what a little balance can do for an offense. It's just a shame that Pariani went away from the passing almost totally after Rhodes broke off the big carry to bring Syracuse into the Red Zone. With big targets like Kowalewski, Moss, and Lane on the field, throw the ball to the pilon and give Damien a blow.

Otherwise, a very uplifting drive turned in by the offense.

12:16 PM
That's Drame's 3rd pass deflection this season.

Holy macaroni.

12:20 PM
Tanard Jackson was just referred to as both Steve Gregory and Dowayne Davis by Ward and Norrie.

Someone needs to nuke the pressbox. Now.

12:21 PM


Dumbass lineman.

12:24 PM
Tanard Jackson is majoring in Rhetorical Studies?

What the hell is that?

12:25 PM
The streak is over - Syracuse has finally yielded an offensive touchdown against.

Other than Hagans' 30+ yards scamper, the defense still looked pretty impressive. The corners are playing very well. Wyche and LaCasse have had no trouble getting into the backfield, they simply need to adjust their rush to account for Hagans' escapability to the passer's left side.

This drive will be huge for Syracuse's confidence. Should the Orange turn in a 30+ yard drive and flip field position, good things should happen.

12:31 PM
Syracuse is now 1 for the Season on screen passes.

Terrible spot. Just terrible.

It's one thing to take yourself out of a drive. It's another when the referees do the dirty work for you.

In other news, I want to have Brendan Carney's child. Another 49-yarder for the Pennsylvanian.

12:35 PM
If Virginia isn't shooting themselves in the foot, they're hitting the floor all around it.

12:36 PM
Who's worse, the officiating crew or the announcing duo?

It's a race for the bottom.

Syracuse should take a penalty here to give Carney some more room to punt.

12:43 PM
Note to Robinson:

Put somebody on number 81 (Williams). This guy is going nutty today.

Virginia has done a nice job with their 3rd downs today. Two big time conversions so far. Syracuse needs to get back to its attacking style on 3rd to force Virginia to make a play.

12:50 PM
Virginia has looked very impressive on this drive. They have kept Syracuse off balance and is imposing its will on a confused Orange defense. Hagans has sliced up Syracuse's lag zone for some big plays on this drive and has managed to avoid the perilous pass rush of LaCasse and Wyche.

If Virginia continues to play like this and Syracuse continues to rush 4 and play the back 7 in a soft zone, things are going to get ugly.

12:51 PM
Zone blitz works perfectly!

LaCasse with his first interception of his career. Is there anything he can't do?

1:00 PM
Good thing Gregory was playing offense last year instead of helping out one of the worst defenses in the country.

With Gregory's speed, techinque, and soft hands, there's no question that he should be considered among the elite corners in the country. He may go down in Syracuse history as one of the most undervalued players in the university's history.

1:06 PM
Virginia: 14
Syracuse: 7

Syracuse looks to be too concerned with what Hagans is going to do with the football rather than concerning themselves with the horrid pass defense they're playing as a result.

1:21 PM
This game is playing out almost exactly like the West Virginia game. And that isn't necessarily a good thing.

Three turnovers forced by the Syracuse defense so far today. Just terrific.

The offense needs to get points out of this field position. The defense can't continue to play like this all day without the offense contributing.

1:26 PM
Perry Patterson does not look like he knows what is going on out on the field. He has been very indecisive with the football in his hands and when he does release the pigskin, the path of the ball is almost always destined for the turf.

Patterson may be responsible for Syracuse's seven points today, but he's easily cost the Orange at least 6 with his poor passing and pocket presence.

1:39 PM
Text message I just received:
It's alumni day for the team today. Troy Nunes is here. No
talent ass clown

Get Nunes out of the damn building. Nothing good can come of Troy Nunes being anywhere near a football field.

1:51 PM
Sean K. Palmer has summed up the first half perfectly: "When you play with fire..."

Syracuse has leaned heavily on it's defense this first half. Unless Robinson is expecting some points to come from the defensive backfield, this is a recipe for disaster.

For the second half, Syracuse needs to accomplish the following: Patterson needs to act less fat in the pocket, the offensive line needs to block somebody, Pariani needs to mix in some more play action, Pariani also needs to dive into the depths of his playbook for some different running plays to mess with Virginia's head.

Syracuse is far from out of it, but if they continue to squander opportunities, they will get burned.

1:57 PM
I've seen a lot of sad stat lines, but the ouput Syracuse is generating today is rapidly rising up the all-time list of stinkers.

At the half:
34 yards rushing.
35 yards pasing.

On the bright side, that's good balance.

2:04 PM
The Syracuse defense has begun to disintergrate.

It's not surprising, considering how much the offense has been relying on them and the number of snaps they've had to defend today. When you have expectations, fatigue, and a pretty dynamic offense, there's no doubt that tackling will begin to falter.

Syracuse really needs to hold Virginia to a field goal attempt on this drive. If UVA punches it in for six, it's all over.

2:12 PM
The sixth drive of the day may be Syracuse's defining moment.

With the ball on Virginia's 34, Syracuse goes -8 in yards and is forced to punt.

Love that West Coast offense.

2:14 PM
Syracuse: 14
Cavs: 17

Joe Kowalewski eschews catching the ball with his hands and still manages to haul in a touchdown pass from a now mobile Perry Patterson.

Coach Pariani went with a heavy dose of play action that drive and it worked out great. Throw in a smattering of moving Patterson outside of the pocket and the Orange actually looked like they had a plan for success that time down the field.

2:20 PM
Cavs: 24
'Cuse: 14

The defense is absolutely cooked. There's nothing more they can do to keep the Orange in this game. What should have been swallowed up at the line of scrimmage ended up being a backbreaking 70 run for the Cavs.

With only 21 minutes remaining in the game, there isn't enough time left for Syracuse to come back, especially if the team continues to play this way.

2:35 PM
How many times do people have to go over the fact that the Carrier Dome doesn't have any air conditioning.

Carrier is just the named sponsor, nothing more. And this isn't unique to Syracuse, it's a national phenomenon. Can you get orange juice at Tropicana Field?

Doubt it.

By pointing out the fact that the Dome doesn't have air conditioning doesn't make your observations witty or insightful. It just means that you should be slapped.

2:40 PM
Cavs: 24
Cuse: 21

Perry Patterson caps off an 80-yard drive (yes, I wrote that correctly) with a ten yard scamper that really showed off Patterson's fat ass. Exploiting Syracuse's tight ends and the versatility of Damien Rhodes, Syracuse actually had a bona fide drive that makes your chest swell up with pride.

Now, if Syracuse can get a stop....

2:46 PM
If Ryan LaCasse doesn't get drafted this coming April, that'll be a travesty.

LaCasse just tracked down Marques Hagans and drilled him into the turf. It's a typical play for LaCasse, but he always seems to make them at the right time.

2:51 PM
Is Patterson really turning the corner or is Virginia's defense really this inept.

Also, after all the smack I slapped down on Joe Kowalewski before the season began, I am officially eating some crow.

8 receptions for 96 yards and a touchdown. Can't ask for much more.

2:56 PM
Cavs: 24
Cuse: 24

John "Gimmie a Damn Scholarship" Barker knocks through the field goal try to knot up the game at 24. Syracuse offense has looked very dynamic the last two drives and Virginia has done a terrible job at stopping the Orange play action. Should this state of affairs persist, Syracuse has put themselves in an excellent position to succeed.

Who said that with 21 minutes remaining Syracuse was sunk?

3:01 PM
Marques Hagans is a magician.

A magician that would give me fits if I were a Virginia fan. It's feast or famine with this guy.

3:05 PM
It's time to bring the heat.

Blitz. Blitz. Blitz. Blitz.

Also, it'll be interesting to see how Coach Robinson manages the game down the stretch here. As a young head coach, it's these moments that define the decision making ability of the captain of the ship.

3:07 PM
1:41 left.
1 timeout remaining.
3rd and 2.

This is the defining moment.

3:10 PM

Groh has huge stones. Huge.

3:14 PM
I hate you, Marques Hagans.

6 Responses to “Live Bloggin'”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Pam Ward is the worst sports announcer that I've heard this side of Dave Friedman. I might have even preferred the Big East game of the week team. Evidently, the SU defense had three names to pick from: Ryan LaCasse (a world class sprinter 72 times over), James Wyche (a black, slightly slower version of LaCasse), and Steve Gregory (a compilation of Steve Gregory, Tanard Jackson, and Dowayne Davis). My favorite call of the game had to be on Jackson's interception when Pam called him Steve Gregory for the whole play, before Norrie corrected her and started calling him Davis. I guess they all look the same to you, don't they Norrie.


  2. # Blogger Ian

    Good stuff. We must put our football allegiances aside so we can focus on the true task at hand: ending Pam Ward's career as someone paid to talk about football.  

  3. # Blogger Matt Glaude

    I'm pretty sure Pam Ward was that thing hiding under your bed when you were a kid.

    Hideous and untalented. She'll make another woman very proud some day.  

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    Thanks again and I'll be sure to bookmark you.  

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