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Odds 'n Ends

For the record, Pittsburgh is just terrible.

I can understand losing to Rutgers. It happens. Especially to Syracuse in teriffically frustrating ways. However, to be down to the Scarlet Blight 17-0 at the end of the first quarter and showing no life whatsoever is totally unacceptable.

Is to too early to reserve

Anyways, on to some Syracuse goodies.

Syracuse Inks Their 47th and 48th Off-Guards for the 2006 and 2007 Seasons
Well, it might not be that many, but it sure seems like it.

The Syracuse Post-Standard reports that Scoop Jardine and Mike Jones have committed to Coach Boehiem to wear Orange in the next few seasons. Apparently these guys are Top 50 caliber, whatever that means. As long as they can make buckets and not lose to Vermont, it doesn't matter to me where old men with no basketball ability think these recruits line up compared to their classmates.

As long as they don't end up like Billy Edelin, I don't particularly give a damn. What a loser.

Joe Kowalewski Out for Florida State

Perry Patterson must be crying himself to sleep now that he can't run the play-action to the Warners native.

In other injury news, it appears as if Kurt Falke also won't be playing against the 'Noles on Saturday. With that, Patterson will be looking like a $10 whore tomorrow considering all the time he'll be spending on his back.

Game Notes
Check it out, homeboy.

In other game-related news, HeismanPundit thinks that Perry Patterson is poised for a coming out game. You can always count on the Heisman Pundit to say something that will make you wonder if he's been sniffing too much glue.

Also, here's the coverage map for the 3:30 ABC games on Saturday.

Orange in the Apple, eh? I think not.

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