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BlogPoll Roundtable #8

BlogPoll Roundtable, the brainchild of BlogPoll superhero Brian over at mgoblog, is an effort to generate discourse on a series of questions and issues currently applicable to the college football universe.

This edition of the BlogPoll Roundtable is hosted by ParadigmBlog. To read responses of other bloggers to the roundtable questions, simply click here.

1. We are now 1/3 of the way through the season and things are starting to shake out. With that in mind, who are your picks to win each of the BCS conferences, as well as your choice for an at-large berth from a non-BCS league (none is an option)?

BlogPoll: Week Five
Conference2005 Champion
Atlantic CoastVirginia Tech
Big EastLouisville
Big TenOhio State
Big TwelveTexas
Pacific 10Southern California

While Notre Dame has a very favorable BCS deal in place that basically guarantees them a spot in a BCS bowl should it win nine games, I don't think the Irish will qualify as getting to the magic number may be a stretch (remember, the Irish still have USC, Tennessee, and Purdue left on the schedule).

Thus, considering the dearth of talented non-BCS teams currently on the college football landscape, it is unlikely that there will be a non-BCS at-large participant this season.

2. What team currently out of the Top 10 (AP or Coach's, doesn't really matter), has the best chance of ending up in the title game?
To get to the title game, a couple things are necessary:

- You need to play, and win, as many games as possible.
- You need to have a schedule conducive to inflating a BCS rating as the season progresses.
- You need to have "injustice" on your side so that sympathetic writers beat your drum for you.

With this in mind, I think that Minnesota just may be a team that could find itself in the title game should the cards fall in their favor. They have a lot of ground to makeup, but with games left against Ohio State, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Michigan, there is a great potential to put themselves in a position to play for a title.

Will Minnesota actually win all of these games? Unlikely, but they have the best chance to play in the title game should they actually take apart their remaining schedule.

3. When you're watching a game, what type of fan can you absolutely not tolerate being around?
The eternal optimist.

These people just don't get it. Everything is peaches and cream in their pseudo-reality. It really is enough to make a realist such as myself vomit. The spin these people go through almost make me want to try out some murder/suicide, just to impart a dose of reality.

Here are examples of stuff I hate that almost always comes out of the eternal optimist's mouth:

"This team is struggling."
Translation to Reality: This team sucks. Too many fat kids.

"This recruiting class should be solid - lots of late bloomers and under-the-radar guys."
TtR: This recruiting class sucks. Too many fat kids. Rejects, if you will.

"The team showed a lot of moxy and fight today."
TtR: This team sucks. Too many fat kids.

"It's OK, the team only needs XYZ and they're right back in this game."
TtR: Game's over. And the worst part is that the beer stand is closed.

"You gotta trust the coach; they wouldn't have hired him if they didn't believe he could do the job."
TtR: May you never procreate and soil the Earth with the spawns that will be your progeny.

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