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This guy still thinks he just needed more time.
And just like that, our long, collective nightmare is over. Just like that. When I found out the news I was driving in my car between Cortland, New York and Ithaca, New York, heading home. When I got the call I was extremely excited, I called a few friends and texted a whole bunch more. And then it was over. I got home and dialed up to see what they were saying. Then I watched the presser Greg Robinson gave and I was just sad. I felt bad for a man that by every account was a complete idiot when it came to coaching this Syracuse team. It’s a complete joke, but he really did have a lot of want-to. He had a nice resume when he walked in the door four years ago. But I felt bad hating this guy so much. He’s just a dude. His job was to coach a bunch of kids to play a game. Although he sucked at it, I just felt sorry for him to have so much promise and absolutely tank at it. The guy will probably coach again, but he will never have a head coaching job again save a high school. You have to feel bad for a guy whose career will never recover.

That being said, I am thrilled. This was the correct move for Syracuse to make after the Pittsburgh game. At the very least, then did it before the end of the year and before a lot of schools will make their final determination on the coaches of their teams. Syracuse will do a big search within the coaching ranks to determine who they think is the best candidate and they will make the final determination. Then they will proceed to throw a big sack with a $ on it right at some dude and he will decide to accept or stay in Connecti… I mean decline. All kidding aside, there are several candidates that I like for the job. Randy Edsall is not someone I am excited about. However, he will surely do a good job and he can recruit well as evident by the fact that UConn has risen from 1-AA terribleness to a team that will again go Bowling. Either way, Greg leaves a program in complete shambles, despite the rosey pictures he likes to paint. The new staff will have to immediately hit the recruiting trails and try to save the recruits that Robinson tried to get, or will possibly convince other players to commit to a new staff. Either way, there is a big job ahead. Although there is no where to go but up, the pressure on the new coach will be tremendous. Clearly ticket sales will immediately increase though, and I am sure DOCTOR Gross will hit the wealthy donor circuit to get some more cash for this revamped program. Speaking of Gross, what the hell was this “invite a few guys at a time in the office to interview me” bullshit that he pulled. He again made it the “DOCTOR Gross Show” and guess what, it is not supposed to be. It is supposed to be about this program deciding to go in a different direction, not what you were watching ten minutes before you called Donnie Webb into your office.

Greg gets two more games to finish his career, so I will leave my final judgments for Greg at that time after he gives his final press conference. For now, good news is here. We can wake up from this football nightmare and go back to dreaming about a football team in Syracuse that wins games, or at least you think has a chance to win one before kickoff. As Jim Brown said, it is not the losses, but how they happened. I agree. I just want to believe again. This is the first step in making a lot of people believe again.

The DOCTOR Gross show in action. The 9:00pm is completely different from the 7:00.

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