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BlogPoll Week 12

1Alabama 1
2Texas Tech 1
3Texas --
4Florida --
5Oklahoma --
6Southern Cal --
7Penn State --
8Boise State --
9Ohio State --
10Utah --
11Georgia --
12Missouri --
13Oklahoma State --
14Ball State --
15Brigham Young --
16TCU --
17Michigan State --
18LSU --
19Cincinnati 3
20Pittsburgh 1
21Oregon State 4
22Maryland 4
23Miami (Florida) 3
24Oregon 2
25North Carolina 6

Dropped Out: Florida State (#20), Tulsa (#23), South Carolina (#24).
* Due to Alabama drubbing Miss. State and Texas Tech being inactive, I finally put Alabama as #1 in the poll.

* Although Florida put on one hell of a show against South Carolina and the old ball coach, I just cannot put them ahead of Texas yet. Perhaps next week will be the clincher.

* Slots 3-18 remain unchanged. That’s because the all won. For once.

* Cincy jumps three spots over Pitt by beating Louisville. But really who hasn’t. Either way they are the team to beat now in the Big East.

* Maryland jumps on after beating #16 North Carolina. The U appears after winning their fifth game in a row, this one against Virginia Tech in a hell of a Thursday night game. Keep in mind this was a Big East game just five years ago. Also, Oregon with all of their ugly uniforms make an appearance.

* FSU is bumped off by Boston College, Tulsa loses by 40 points to Houston, and South Carolina looked silly against Florida. They all leave my poll.

* Special thanks to John Radcliff at Mountainlair for giving a vote to Syracuse in his BlogPoll after getting rid of Greg Robinson, but even I am not batshit crazy enough to put them remotely near a poll.
* I'm looking to overtake the #1 spot for Mr. Stubborn this week. We'll see if I can do it.

What do you think?


3 Responses to “BlogPoll Week 12”

  1. # Blogger effay

    Hate to say it, but this is probably one of the worst blogpoll rankings I have seen from any of the voters so far.

    -Bama over TTU? How does beating MSU mean anything at all? I actually wouldn't call it a drubbing either. If you watched the game, it was a dogfight for the whole first half (which is extremely sad because MSU literally has zero offense) and only got so out of hand because MSU insisted on kicking to Arenas for some stupid reason (so they beat a team with really bad coaching, that's great). If anything Bama should drop because that game featured 10 drops out of 47 passes. That's just bad football all around. If Bama played Oklahoma's schedule, they'd be lucky to finish 8-4.
    -I think Utah is better than Boise - just compare their schedules.
    -Mizzou over OSU!!? This is really egregious. Let's examine: Both have 2 losses. Both lost to UT - Mizzou got blown-out, while OSU gave them an amazing game. OSU also lost to should-be-#1 TTU, while Mizzou's other loss was to none other than OSU! You just can't put Mizzou over OSU.
    -Ball State hasn't even played the two best teams in their conference yet, and they've only played 1 team with a winning record so far (6-4 Navy). 1! Based on that track-record I can't think of any justification for ranking them above anyone. Hell, Washington might be undefeated if they played that schedule.
    -BYU over TCU!? This is just as bad as Mizzou over OSU. TCU lost by 3 to your #10 team and lost to your #5 team after playing them tougher than anyone but UT has. On the other hand, BYU's loss came when they got butchered by TCU!!
    -LSU at 18? I can't imagine how LSU could possibly beat UNC right now.  

  2. # Blogger Brian Harrison


    You're the first one to show any sort of problem with my rankings, which have been consistantly the same the past few weeks.

    'Bama take spot #1 because they played a game and Texas Tech did not. I thought 'Bama executed well during that game, which tipped them over in my mind, in which they were already pretty close to begin with.

    You can think Utah is better than Boise all you like. I disagree.

    I like Okey State a lot. I can't get enough of Mike Gundy's presser either. That being said, I think Missou has played more consistant football over the past few weeks as them.

    Ball State is undefeated. When they lose I'll drop them.

    BYU looks like a better team.

    LSU would beat UNC, I'm fairly certain.

    Moral of the story. It's my poll. I'm sticking to it. The BlogPoll overlords do not think my ballot is too wack. When they do, I'll probably adjust it. Until then, it is still my votes.  

  3. # Blogger effay

    Sorry man, I re-read my comment and realized that I came off really abrasive, which was not my intent.  

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