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I totally think we should ju... wait... huh? What?
What I’ve kept with me and what I’ve thrown away.
Don’t know where the hell I’ve ended up on this glary, random day.
Were the things I really cared about
Just left along the way.
~ Evaporated by Ben Folds Five
Now I didn’t have too high hopes going into this game. I mean, USF was ranked #19/20 in the polls, and we all know Syracuse is a big stinko this season. Syracuse drops another Big East contest to South Florida, who they have never beaten in the four attempts, 45 to 13.

Curtis Brinkley I truly feel bad for. He had an outstanding game (20 carries, 129yds, 4.8y/c, 1 TD), but he probably is not getting the attention he deserves for being on Syracuse. The simple fact he is doing so well is a testament to his talent. At least this proves the offensive line has improved. Cantley had a pedestrian game (11/27, 129 yards, 0 TD, 0 INT) that any second rate quarterback could have managed. This game was put on the back of Brinkley and he delivered the best he could, and quite possibly put in the best game of his career. Either way, three third down conversions out of 15 is a joke and another slide backwards. Failing to score in the second half also does not help the cause. They didn’t even convert a third down the entire second half. While this game on paper does not look bad, believe me it was.

It cannot be overstated how open some of these receivers were all game, especially when catching touchdowns. Again, I do not think anyone thought it possible to mentally break down even more in pass coverage, but it was clearly evident in this game. The defense this time really did not satisfactorily stop the run attack of the Bulls. Grothe himself ran for 72 yards and a touchdown. The only reason I did not fail them is they played a ranked team and they are Syracuse. Would you think it was fair I failed you in a neuroscience class and you were a music major? Take your D and never come back. Unfortunately, Syracuse will play USF again next season, whether Syracuse is better or not.

Special Teams
These guys continue to put in solid efforts and performances. Patrick “Sex Offender Mustache” Shadle again did his job, in which he kicked two field goals (the longest was 43 yards) and an extra point. Shadle is easily the best kicker that Syracuse has had in years. Rob Long, sadly not contending for the Heisman this year, kicked seven times for a total of 353 yards, with two touchbacks. He’s good, but he’s been better in the past. Holmes and McKinnon ran back six kicks for 135 yards. Nothing special there. That is about it. They put in a B, but Shadle continues to shine in the kicker role. Orange::44 may launch a “Shadle for Heisman” campaign in the bye week.

The key coaching moment in this game was on 4th and 1 on the Syracuse 20 yard line, drawing the defense off sides for a five yard penalty to continue the drive for Syracuse. Syracuse has attempted this before, but this is the first time it worked. So for that, I guess I have to give Greg a small amount of credit. Clearly, they did not have a good game plan though, because later in the drive, they called a play that resulted in a drive ending sack and a punt. This sums up perfectly the coaching for Syracuse. They do something good and then blow it. One step forward, two steps back.

C/C- (1.9)
It depends on how you want to round. Either way, this game was terrible. While it may not offend you like the Pittsburgh game, or even the Penn State game, Syracuse’s defense was a joke and the offense never got enough momentum to truly make a dent against USF. Brinkley and Shadle are clearly the lone bright spots against a mediocre sea of orange. This game is evident that Syracuse simply should not even attempt to hang in a game against a far superior team this season. At least Rutgers beat UConn right?

Syracuse again has a bye week, and will not play until November 1, when they take on Louisville in the Dome on November 1st, the first game since the huge upset win at L’ville last year. Will Andrew Robinson get the start versus the team he bent over the year before? I think it is sounding more likely by the day. Stay tuned right here for more analysis in the coming days, including a new podcast coming soon.

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1 Responses to “Syracuse - South Florida Postgame Reactions OR Defense to Fans: We Quit”

  1. # Blogger John

    From what I understand, you were a much meaner substitute teacher than you are a grader for this team. It's almost like you feel sorry for them and you're giving them pity scores.

    Then again, this has been a fundamental difference between you and I all season.

    Maybe the radio made the game sound better than TV did. Matt Park, you magnificent bastard!  

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