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The other “Huskies” Syracuse play are coming to down. Syracuse looks to earn their first *cough – only – cough* win of the season. Can we do it, or will Syracuse end up winless and broken? My gut says it will be too close for comfort, but my head says we’re pulling this one out.

The stats for these teams are too close for my comfort. Northeasters’s stats are here, and Syracuse’s are here. Honestly, Northeastern is the 1-AA bizzaro version of Syracuse. We are going to win though. And if we don’t, the Syracuse Police Department better put a security detail on Greg Robinson and his family, because it could get ugly. Not to mention all the bleach that will be bought, ropes tied, and knives sharpened. We’re winning this game, but look for Northeastern to go to Conor Gilmartin-Donohue in the air when the running game stalls. He could do some damage as we all know Syracuse couldn’t stop a passing… well anything. Either way, Syracuse is winning by 13 points I think. I doubt they could actually make it two touchdowns or something further apart. Hopefully I’m wrong on this one.

This weekend is Homecoming, so it is less about the game and more about seeing some old friends and making fun of Greg Robinson. That will definitely occure. Either way, if you are making the trip or not, all of us Syracuse alums raise a glass to you and congratulate us all on earning a degree from a very prestigious academic institution, that is still good at basketball and lacrosse and used to be good at football. Cheers.

Remember when I said I was going to have a new podcast? Well fret not, it simply got postponed until later this afternoon where I will be recording one live from Syracuse with Orange::44 correspondant John Brennan. He and I will surely do PTI justice as we talk about The Express premier, which we both attended, the Penn State tragedy, the Ernie Davis Statue-gate business, and preview tomorrow’s game. Check it out, I promise it will be entertaining and enjoyable. Until later, stay out of trouble and tell your loved ones to keep an eye on you if we end up losing tomorrow.


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  1. # Blogger Poncho Sinatra


    Outside of "Nike Gate", you have to mention that the SU statue literally looks nothing like Ernie Davis. We grew up with the real statue and images of him all our lives....

    As a Mark Twain Country Native, you have to shout that one out to everybody!!

    God Freakin Bless it!


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