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So they are from a mountain. Great.

As promised, here are the answers to my questions about the game with the fine folks at Zombie Nation, a Penn State Football blog.

1. Orange::44: So things are still bad for Syracuse. How much will Penn State win by on Saturday?

ZN: I'm going with a win by 30+ points. There are some games where, in the back of your mind, you hesitate to call out that kind of spread, but Syracuse is bad. Not like bad where they'll show up for the rivalry game and play well, but bad where they can't even use emotion to play well. I wouldn't be surprised if this one is over sooner than PSU/OrSU--at the half.

2. Orange::44: Are you still excited for this rivalry game, even though it might not be close?

ZN: As a big fan of PSU playing its former Eastern rivals, I love this game. I've said for a long time that if there were two or three teams PSU should play every season, one should be SU. I was kind of hoping Greg Robinson would have a somewhat competent team this season, so the game would be a bit more hyped. Oh well.

3. Orange::44: What PSU player will have the biggest impact on the game and why?

ZN: For the fun of it, let's go with the entire PSU offensive line. No sacks yet, better than 7 yards per carry--for the team!--and 286 yards rushing per game. 'Nuff said.

4. Orange::44: What Syracuse player are you worried about for Penn State?

ZN: Cameron Dantley. What? Yeah, PSU's secondary hasn't been out-of-this-world good so far. They've been living on thin ice. As long as the SU O-line can get Dantley more than 3-4 seconds to throw, he should put up some numbers. But, that all depends on his protection.

5. Orange::44: Overall thoughts on the game, and some initial thoughts on the game next year?

ZN: It's not Ohio State at USC, but this game is special. It harkens back to the days when college football was still bigger than pro football. Although next year is in Beaver Stadium, I would love to see this game played in Giants Stadium every year. It would do wonders for both schools' recruiting, especially since Rutgers now has NJ in a headlock.

Thanks to Zombie Nation for answering my questions. To see my answers to the same questions, check out Zombie Nation right here. Enjoy the game and try to remember we use to beat Penn. Reporting live from Syracuse, I'm Brian Harrison, Orange::44.


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