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Nunes::44 - 9/10/08

Replace Tennessee players with PSU, and Nunes with a current QB. Look familiar?
This week has been hectic for me, so I’m sure you silently complained when this past Tuesday answers from our good friend Sean of Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician did not appear here at Orange::44. Well fret not intrepid football watchers. We have Mr. Nunes himself. Well not the real one… it’s the guy that… you know what I mean. I asked the questions, and Sean gives the answers. Enjoy, that is if you can enjoy reading about this football team.

1. Orange::44: What is the most frustrating thing about this team?

Nunes: The most frustrating thing about the team has to be that there never seems to be any kind of improvement. You see the same problems game after game after game (poor tackling, lack of cohesive offense, poor decision-making). I'm not quite sure what to make of it other than that it's poor coaching. A good coach can take unskilled players and turn them into a decent team. But a bad coach takes decent players and burns them into the ground. I think that's what's going on here.

Clearly the methods of teaching aren't working. So either change the methods or challenge the players to meet higher expectations. You do them no favors by saying you saw a lot of good to build on for the future because you're basically rewarding mediocrity. You just keep getting the same results time and time again.

2. Orange::44: Is Greg Robinson even making it through the season? Should he?

Nunes: I think he WILL make it through the season but he certainly SHOULD NOT. I think we've all accepted that we will lose to Penn State. The Northeastern game is the sad as that sounds. Obviously, if we lose that game, he should just walk off the field, into the tunnel, out the back door and into his car and never look back. But if they win, I think everyone is going to play up the "fresh start" angle and really dig in that we need to allow Robinson to chance to make one last stand...again...for the last time...once more.

As far as I'm concerned, it's a lost cause. At best, we're going 2-10 and I think most people are thinking 1-11 at this point. We know Robinson is gone. Even if it's an interim basis, get rid of him and install Mitch Browning. Signal to recruits that this is a new dawn for the program and allow Browning the chance to make his own mark so we can decide how to move forward as well. There's nothing lost because it can't possibly get any worse and it's not like there's some recruits out there who won't come play for us cause they really wanted to play for Greg Robinson. I don't see the downside.

3. Orange::44: How much is Penn State going to beat us by?

Nunes: Fifty. Seriously. I can't believe what I'm seeing with a 25-point spread. Louisville got 30+ on us last year and no one is going to confuse last year's Louisville squad with this year's Penn State team. They run a spread, which we can't stop, and they have athletes that are ten times better than those on Northwestern and Akron. Oh, and we can't pass the ball for longer than ten yards at a time so the Penn State defense is going to key on our running backs and swallow them whole.

We will lose by fifty on Saturday. I'm pretty sure of it.

4. Orange::44: Who or what, if anything, is the bright spot on this team?

Nunes: Well it's been very nice to see Curtis Brinkley and Delone Carter rejuvenate themselves. It makes me happy, and I'm sure all Cuse fans, to see their hard work pay off, even if the W's aren't there to back up their efforts. But it is certainly appreciated.

The kicking game is good too, which is something fans of terrible teams can always seem to count on.

Shoot me.

5. Orange::44: Who are your front runners to replace GRob?

Nunes: Obviously the trendy pick is Skip Holtz and I do believe that the fervor over him will die down soon. ECU will lose 1-2 games along the way, Holtz will be highly regarded but not so much so that he wouldn't talk to us.

What's scaring the crap out of me is hearing about all these lifer NFL coordinators and/or failed NFL coaches who are gunning for the job. Marty Morninhwig? Kevin Gilbride? I don't know about you but they sound like the LAST people we want coming in right now. We need someone who will hit the ground running with recruits, not someone who hasn't recruited since 1985. We need someone who knows the college game inside and out, not someone who is going to try and convert their Pro style to ours and take three years to pull it off. We need someone young and fresh and hungry, not someone desperate for one last chance.

My fear is that we will go for the "name" over the "right guy for the job." I'll take someone like Florida's Dan Mullen over any big NFL name you can throw out at me any day.

6. Orange::44: If there were no laws, how would you remove GRob as head coach of the Orange?

Nunes: You assume I live my life according to the laws of man.'d be right. So if I didn't, here's what I'd do...

Before the flight to West Virginia in a couple weeks, I'd distract Greg while the rest of the team boarded. Then, when he wasn't looking, I'd switch his plane ticket with a ticket for Oceanic Airlines and put him on their next flight to Australia. The plane would hit turbulence, break apart somewhere over the Pacific and crash land on a mysterious island where the laws of physics, time and reality seem to bend and even break. Once there he would befriend his fellow "losties" as they banded together to understand the phenomena around them.

At this point I assume he would be trampled by a polar bear or attacked by the smoke monster.

But I would wish him well...

7. Orange::44: Finally, give some encouraging words to the fans out there to not lose all hope in Syracuse University as a whole.

Nunes: You want some encouraging words for Syracuse University?

NCAA Lacrosse Champions. Jim Boeheim. Gary Gait. Cody Jamieson. Jonny Flynn. Eric Devendorf and Andy Rautin's surgically-repaired ACLs. Katie Rowan. Making the NCAA Tournament. Beating Johns Hopkins. Kristof! The Melo Center.

Don't lose faith in the whole, people. Just in this one guy...
Editor’s Note: This is another installment in the ongoing collaboration between Orange::44 and Nunes/Magician. Usually every other Tuesday Nunes::44 will appear here, while the following week Orange::44/Magician will appear on his site. Until then, enjoy Nunes/Magician articles and stay tuned to Orange::44 for complete postgame coverage from every Syracuse game.

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    We got Skip Holtz... wait for the announcement next week... you heard it here first  

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