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What does make a lion Nitney anyway?
What can I say that I haven’t already said? We’re gonna lose this game. By a lot. My money is on a 34 point loss. Literally. I have a bet with friends we are going to lose by that exact amount. How sad is it that for entertainment purposes I am betting AGAINST my team about how bad they are going to lose.

Penn State is coming into the Carrier Dome ranked 17th. The good news is that even though Syracuse probably will not win, the outcome is a win/win for Syracuse fans. Allow me to explain. Syracuse, if we win, will have pulled of a HUGE, EPIC upset against Penn State at home. Fans in the Dome will enjoy that, as well as fans around the nation. The drawback is that you think Gross and the Athletic Department will say that this is the improvement they were looking for and keep him. I disagree. I think he is gone win lose or draw. Additionally, if we do lose by a lot, that will be even more reason to get rid of him sooner. Either way, Robinson is gone, we might have a win, and I know I will be three sheets to the wind in the Dome. This is what I and my associates are calling a “Two Flask Game”. As in, we will need to sneak in two flasks to make this thing alright. And believe me, we will. I’ll be out of the home office and in Syracuse until Sunday, so expect a full recap of The Express premier, the Penn State game, and any other noteworthy tidbits such as the unveiling of the new Ernie Davis statue on the Quad. Stay tuned to see if I run into Dennis Quaid. And keep in mind that because of the aforementioned flasks, the crying child may make an appearance later on Saturday, rather than directly after the game as per usual. And stay tuned later today for my chat with Zombie Nation, a great Penn State football blog, around 4:00pm.


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  1. # Blogger John

    Nittany Mountain is near the campus, overlooking Happy Valley. Thus, a mountain lion on Nittany Mountain would be a Nittany Lion.

    I hate that I find myself defending Penn State. But then again, defending the defenseless is my job.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    It is a complete farce, according to Wikipedia;

    "The mascot was the creation of Penn State senior H. D. "Joe" Mason in 1907. While on a 1904 trip to Princeton University, Mason had been embarrassed that Penn State did not have a mascot. Mason did not let that deter him: he fabricated the Nittany Lion on the spot and proclaimed that it would easily defeat the Princeton Bengal tiger.[1] Upon returning to campus, though, he set about making his invention a reality."  

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