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Pictured Above: Brian Harrison circa the 3rd Quarter.
Don't do me like that, don't do me like that.
What if I love you baby, don't do me like that.
Don't do me like that, don't do me like that.
Someday I might need you baby, don't do me like that.
~ Don't Do Me Like That by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Last week I made some judgments about this team. After losing to Akron, in a close game over BCS TEAM, I thought that the team could not do worse than that. Sadly I was wrong. I am a firm believer in staying the whole game. This game certainly tested my fortitude of doing just that. I managed to endure this entire massacre, but it was not without a little emotional damage I fear. Either way, that was some game to welcome back Penn State with. #17 Penn State crushes Syracuse 55-13.

Could this offense manage to sustain anything? Hardly. Yes they scored a touchdown, but did they do anything else? Not really. Cantley got the second start in a row for the Orange at quarterback. He took a major step back during this game (13/32, 110yds, 1TD, 1INT) compared to last week. He literally threw his interception directly at a Penn State defender, not even remotely near any Syracuse players. And talk about a case of the dropsies for the receivers. The running game also hit a brick wall, as Carter, Hogue, and Brinkley only combined for 33 yards of rushing. Syracuse only got eight first downs in the game. While Syracuse earned a touchdown, that was against the second or third string players on Penn State. This game was a huge step back for the Orange. While Penn State is clearly an elite team, Syracuse still should have performed better and more poised than they did. This was an atrocious effort for Syracuse.

Penn State racked up 560 total yards. Syracuse cannot stop anyone’s passing game. If I were a football team playing Syracuse, I would not even bother running the ball until Syracuse could make just one stop on defense while I pass. This team could not stop much of anything against Penn State. They do not get an F because they were playing the #17 team in the country, but if they were playing anyone else, they probably would have gotten one.

Special Teams
Again, nothing too special, but they definitely did their jobs. Something that cannot be said for the other units. Syracuse returned eight kicks for a total of 194 yards. Patrick “Sex Offender Mustache” Shadle went 2/2 on field goals, the longest of which was 44 yards. He also made his one extra point opportunity. Rob Long punted a total of seven times for 359 yards, averaging 51.3 yards, the longest of which was 70 yards. He also pinned one inside the Penn State 20 yard line. Nothing else of note occurred with this unit, but at least they did what they were supposed to do, without many mistakes.

I think no one was under any illusion that something magical would occur for Syracuse during this game. However, you at least need to try, and run your game to the best of your ability. You have to put the best game you can on the field, and in this case they simply did not. It is an unfortunate truth, but Greg Robinson deserves no further consideration from you, or me, or DOCTOR Gross, or anyone. He simply needs to resign now, but of course he will not because he cannot even admit that he has made any mistakes ever period. This was a sad day for Syracuse, which is unfortunate because The Express premier was outstanding.

D- (0.83)
This was not a game, this was an assault on my delicate football sensibilities. I understand that Penn State is a better team, but actually regressing from the last two games is absolutely unacceptable. I cannot believe that this occurred and I am begging for Robinson to be relieved of all coaching duties immediately. This game is merely the latest evidence in a litany of mistakes he has made. I never knew how good I had it when I was an undergrad and Coach P was at the helm.

The game was sad, but overall it was an outstanding weekend for Syracuse University and the memory of Ernie Davis. Needless to say, the only thing that probably could have helped during the game would have been the corpse of Ben Schwartzwalder coaching, or the ghost of Ernie Davis running the ball for Syracuse. Hell, Dennis Quaid probably could have coached better. This was a travesty of football and every Syracuse fan should seriously evaluate what they really appreciate in life and decide if you can stand viewing another football game with this team. I will have a complete recap of my account of The Express Premier later on today. Congratulations to Megan Hickey for picking the closest in our Penn State wager by picking a 40 point spread when the actual spread was 42. Until next time, try to stay positive that Syracuse has basketball right around the corner. Finally, I do not normally endorse things, but you should probably hurry up and buy one of these t-shirts. They are clearly the most accurate shirt I have seen all semester.


3 Responses to “Penn State - Syracuse Postgame Reactions or What A Weekend”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Is that upcraft over your shoulder? He looks like someone is dangling a big piece of cake in front of him.  

  2. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    That is him, but rest assured he's just surprised at how terrible SU is performing, not because of a food item.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Megan Hickey? Sounds hot.  

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