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It is not often that we get to toot our proverbial horn here at Orange::44. Other then being the runner up for The Job Award at the College Football Blogger Awards, we do not really get too much fanfare here. And frankly, that is the way we like it. We would much rather just be silently respected by our peers and readers than be put up on some orange pedestal. That being said however, turning two is no small feat to glance over. Now that the Otto Awards are all handed out, I thought I’d point out some of my favorite moments I have seen here at this humble blog.

These articles are in no particular order. They are all representative of the overall quality of work present here, and the many varied types of articles we actually write. It is not all sunshine and Syracuse (is there ever sunshine in Syracuse except on “The Day”?).

Calhoun’s Connvicts by Matt Glaude
Nothing says “we hate you” like listing all of your rival school’s student athletes that have gotten into a legal pickle (there were a couple coaches there too). This article has had a few updates, but of course, much like Law & Order, the original is still the best. Complete with the best mug shot possibly ever taken, this article starts my list of the best moments of Orange::44.

Good Friday? Try Great Friday! by Matt Glaude
Sometimes all you need to say is five words. Sometimes you just need to swear like a sailor. Sometimes you need to wear a cup. These are the lessons we learn from one of our YouTube filled articles. Spawning several catch phrases in Orange Nation, we first see Jim Boeheim from the 2006 Big East Championship press conference after the Cincinnati game. It just feels kind of good to say “that is the most bullshit thing I’ve seen in X years”. Then we throw back to a presser from 1994 with then UMass coach John Calipari and the grizzled John Chaney of Temple, where he said he would “fucking kill” Calipari. Pretty dramatic stuff. Then… well I think the third video explains itself. If you are a guy, watch with caution. Plus, I think this may be the best title to an article on our website. Sadly, the Chaney video was pulled from that post, but I found it again here.

Tears Are Falling by Brian Harrison
Occasionally less is really more. After watching the “football frustration” of the 2005 season I thought that we were moving forward with Syracuse Football in 2006. While we did improve, we still lost some games that we should not have, and we still played worse than we really were. After listening to a game that we could have won, but did not, I posted this article which was just a picture and a few lines. That was all it took for people to know exactly how we all felt. This article also helped us earn runner up in The Job Award. A picture really is worth a thousand words.

Orange::44 Jumps the Shark by Matt Glaude
It is not often when you have a specialized blog, such as this one dealing with Syracuse Athletics, that you usually get articles about things like the National Spelling Bee. And that it is probably the funniest entry I have ever read on any blog ever. It also was a liveblog, which we usually do not get to do around here. As Burnt Orange Nation said it best, “no fewer than six laugh out loud lines”. I think this article really defines the spirit of Orange::44. We try not to take ourselves too seriously. Next time, on a very special episode of The Jim Boeheim Show...

NBA Draft Liveblog! by Brian Harrison
Speaking of liveblogs… here was my entry for most work done while watching five hours of really trivial television. This was really the first big article I wrote for the site, and one that I received a fair amount of attention for simply because I actually watched five hours of coverage. Needless to say, I probably will not be doing that again. It is still one of my favorite articles however, and notable in how comprehensive and diverse our coverage can be here at Orange::44.

Try Burning My Couch and I’ll Cut You by Brian Harrison
While Matt sparked this debate on his FanHouse site, I brought it to the readers of Orange::44, which then spawned a couple articles on this site and the orange blogisphere. I parlayed this into a basketball article of similar nature as well. But really, this is here because I think that this is one of the reasons we blog here; to spark debate among friends and colleagues, and piss off rival fans. This article did both. Awesome.

In Memoriam by Matt Glaude
Final on my list, we remembered Chris Sawyer, a 2004 graduate of Syracuse University who lost a battle with cancer in October of 2006. He played Otto The Orange at many home basketball and football games, but for those of us that knew him, he was an individual who brightened a room and was a good friend to many. This article shows the best of us here, and shows just what a great community the people that read our blog, and the people whose blogs we read are.

I have enjoyed my time writing for this site. The debates and commentary we have created here, as well as the ones we have joined in on at other sites are truly entertaining and an enjoyable supplement to the standard Syracuse media we all know. I have to say thanks to Matt Glaude for letting me join this blog without really knowing what he was going to get from me. That kind of blind faith is refreshing in our gloomy Syracuse corner of the world. To all that continue to read our site, again I say thanks. Also, to those that we read on a constant basis, I say thanks for being so entertaining and well versed. Special hat tip to the Orange Consortium, our fellow partners in crime. Keep up the good work. Keep reading, there is plenty of bitter heartbreak yet to come.

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