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Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards

It is the Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards!

Sean -- the patriarch of the festival -- handed out the first award over on his blog, Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician. In case you did not notice, Andy Rautins hauled home the virtual hardware for "Most Surprising Player."

Favorite Boeheim Quote
Given for classic Boeheim social behavior. Extra points for condescending wit, general disdain, and an overall lack of desire to continue a conversation for longer than its initial genesis.

While Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim failed to put together another epic tirade of emotion as he did following Syracuse's miraculous defeat of Cincinnati in the Big East Tournament last year, 2006-2007 proved to be another terrific outing for the frequently callous Lyons native.

Most of the nominations for the Award this year related to Boeheim's post-NCAA snub commentary. Notable submissions include --

Ray Young of Orange Hoops:

If 10-6 in the Big East isn't good enough to be in, then I don't think we should be in the Big East. That's the way I look at it.
Sean of Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician and DutchHart of Getting Back to '03 thought the following response to a question asking whether Boeheim and NCAA Selection Committee Chairman Gary Walters would remain friends after Syracuse's exclusion from this year's Big Dance:

No comment.
Despite the wealth of material produced by Boeheim post-March 11th, some nominators went off the board with their selections. Howie Mansfield of Sports Night with Howie Mansfield fell in love with "Sentimental Boeheim" and chose this quote following the Orange's defeat to Clemson:

A week ago, we were tremendously disappointed. The players got ready. The players made a tremendous adjustment. They probably made a better adjustment than I did. They came into this tournament and they played.
Josh of Cuse Country, however, may have found the best quote of the 2006-2007 season. Answering a questions about how much Darryl Watkins' injury affected his play in the Northeastern game, Boeheim, with a straight face, had this to say:

Probably about as much as my haircut.
Jim Boeheim Sarcasm: Since 1976, making reporters wish they had assumed a real major in college.

Consensus Winner

The victor is not much of a surprise: Boeheim's many post-snub rantings. With such an historic error, Boeheim went into overdrive, attacking and pleading to anyone that would listen. It was a perfect storm, and Boeheim deserves credit for all of his efforts.

That's it for here. Be sure to pop over to Cuse Country at 2:00 PM for the next presentation -- The Great Uniform Debate. It is not so much an award as it is a state of mind.

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