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Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards

. . . . And the Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards roll on!

If you have not been following along -- and looking at some recent traffic logs you probably have not -- yesterday saw six awards given to very deserving (or for that matter undeserving) players and aspects of the Syracuse University basketball program.

Six more awards will be presented today. After reading the drivel below, be sure to stop by Orange Hoops at 5:00 PM for the day's next award: Best Sophomore.

Worst Moment
Given to that snippet in time when an individual's allegiance to Syracuse University is questioned and, likely, copious amounts of alcohol is consumed. Bonus points are awarded for unmitigated ineptitude and conduct that questions normative social behavior.

As with most moments of recollection concerning Orange basketball, it is exceedingly difficult to chose just one instance of hair-pulling frustration. However, we soldier on, and select the following:

Getting Back to '03
Nichols missed layup against Wichita State.
Sports Night with Howie Mansfield
2006 NCAA Selection Show.
Orange Hoops
When I realized that only one half of a bracket was left and neither Syracuse nor Louisville were yet on the board, I knew the unthinkable was about to occur, and the Orange were going to be snubbed from the NCAA.
March 11, 2007.

This momemt is less about Syracuse and more about the inherent disappoint with the lack of intelligence constituting the NCAA Selection Committee.

Runner-Up (1): Nichols' missed dunk/lay-up thing against Wichita State. If Nichols converts, Syracuse's season may have been totally different.

Runner-Up (2): Syracuse v. St. John's. Losing to St. John's is never acceptable, even if the game was in Madison Square Garden.
Cuse Country
Selection Sunday is probably going to win hands down, so I will vote for the last 10 minutes of the Louisville game, which I was watching on tape after coming home late from a long day -- my spirits had been confidently lifted by their first half play, only to come crashing down around me while all I could do was gape in horror at the screen (and fast-forward through the last two minutes or so).
Cuse Country
Being forced to listen to Doug Gottlieb yak on and on during my flight from Syracuse to NYC on Selection Sunday.
Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician
Coming home to see the end of the NCAA selection show and watch each bracket go by without Syracuse in it, finally noticing them on the bottom ticker in the NIT update. Stomach punch.
Consensus Winner
As if there was any question, Gary Walters' hateable decision to exclude Syracuse from the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament is the runaway winner.

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