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Sam Kinison: Dead comedian and Husky assistant basketball coach.
Apparently, if you work for the University of Connecticut as a member of the institution's basketball program, you are contractually required to engage in incredibly stupid human behavior.

In today's contribution to Calhoun's Connvicts, Connecticut assistant coach Andre LaFleur (not to be confused with the mild-mannered former Montreal Canadien Guy LaFleur) was arrested yesterday following an inappropriate and heroically ridiculous outburst:
Andre LaFleur of Manchester, an assistant coach with the UConn team since September 2004, was arrested Tuesday morning at a Vernon recreation department office and charged with breach of peace, Vernon police said.

LaFleur yelled at a worker after being told he could not register his child for a particular program because its slots had all been filled, police said.

Another department employee became nervous and called police to report the profanity-laced tirade, in which LaFleur cited his connection to the UConn program in an apparent attempt to get his child into the program, police said.

So, in order to grease the wheels in Connecticut to achieve a particular goal, one should adhere to the following three step approach:

  1. Act like a civilized human being.
  2. If acting like a civilized human being fails, start cussing like a paratrooper.
  3. If acting like a complete dope fails, make sure to cite connections to a corrupt basketball program because in the State of Connecticut, being on the UConn hoops payroll is stronger than American currency.

The greatest part of this story, however, comes from the Hartford Courant article. In that piece, Courant staff writer David Owens indicates that prior to his arrest by Manchester police, LaFleur decided to play the role of fashion police:

Police said the parks employee was wearing a UConn basketball shirt and LaFleur allegedly told him he should take it off and throw it on the floor.
(Hat Tip: Kim Baxter.)

5 Responses to “Point and Laugh at UConn”

  1. # Blogger Dave Pearson

    Maybe the guy should have pretended to be on the women's coaching staff, that probably would have gotten him farther in that lame state of yours...

    LaFleur? Thats probably French for something tough... like "the flame", right?  

  2. # Blogger Matt Glaude

    Oh, man. Is there anything better than hockey commercials?

    The best part of that McKenzie Brothers commercial was the tag after that: "Yeah, but I bet its a tough flower like a snapdragon or a rose, it's got thorns."

    I also enjoyed one from back in the day with this guy riding his lawnmower and yelling "Diiiiiiiiie Leafs, Diiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeee!" That was classic.  

  3. # Blogger Dave Pearson

    I also enjoyed the Rangers signing Father Callahan to be on the checking line for the up coming game against the Devils and both Mike Richter spots (getting fat to cover the goal and cleaning the plexiglass covering the goal after making a save)  

  4. # Blogger Matt Glaude

    If we're gonna talk ESPN hockey commercials, how about the Brett Hull one where he's talking about the toughness one needs to excel in the playoffs.

    Then, out of nowhere, Brendan Shanahan walks into the locker room with a stick through his torso.


  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Keep on posting such themes. I like to read blogs like this. BTW add some pics :)  

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