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Deadspin All Over Max Meisel
As most Syracuse fans know, Max Meisel (the 5' 4" walk-on from cash-rich western Connecticut) was the hero of the Orange's 2006 Spring Game.

What many Syracuse fans did not know, however, is that Meisel was arguably the coolest kid in his Weston High School graduating class two short years ago:
There have been a ton of submissions for Realest of the Week in the last couple days, namely Ken Jennings and Mel Gibson. But Syracuse wide receiver Max Meisel - all 5-foot-4 of him - is a hero.

I mean, the guy got carried off the field in the Spring Game.

But it's what he did high school that must be acknowledged over 2 years later.

From the local ABC station in Weston, CT (who, unfortunately can't spell the kid's name right):

Max Miesel didn't get very far with his prom date – who's a porn star.

Max won a date with adult film actress Tyler Faith on Howard Stern's show Friday. Max is a student at Connecticut's Weston High School.

The Advocate of Stamford reports school officials and Max's parents stepped in before Saturday's prom. Max said his dream was to take a porn star to the dance. But it was dream unfulfilled.

Weston High Principal Mary Kolek says a date with a porn star violates the school's prom guidelines.

Kolek said Max would be allowed to attend – with a more appropriate date.
Really, Principal Kolek? It was in the guidelines that no porn stars are allowed at prom? We find that hard to believe...

Let's hope this story gains legs and she must answer the public's outcry over this matter...
While I'm still driving the Carney for Heisman! bus, there may be some room to add Max Meisel to the convoy.

Brian Busts at WSOP; Irreparable Hotel Damage to Ensue
Brian Cook, the unmatched author of mgoblog, had been competing in the World Series of Poker this past week at the Rio in Las Vegas. I say "had been competing" because the Moses of the BlogPoll went out with guns a blazin' last night:
A number of big names continued to grind away as Day Two of the WSOP Main Event worked through the post-dinner session. Phil Ivey, with a little over $16,000 in chips as the day began, did what he could to stay in the hunt... and stay alive he has, gradually working his way up to a still-modest $30,000 as 10:00 p.m. loomed. A few tables away, Annie Duke gained ground despite what she termed as "a little downswing early," and managed to avoid major confrontations while building steadily to the $70,000 mark. Standing up to stretch and check out nearby action, Duke smiles briefly and adds, "and knock on wood it keeps going," as she reaches underneath to rap the table support before returning to her seat.

Duke had had that reminder only moments earlier, when a young Michigan player, Brian Cook, crashed from Duke's table. Cook, who had earlier admitted to being "a little intimidated" by Duke when his own smallish starting stack grew large enough to allow for more creative play, lost his last $25,000 when his pocket aces were cracked by another player who called his pre-flop raise with 10-7, then put Cook all-in after a K-7-7 flop. This came only moments after Cook had lost a sizeable hand with pocket kings in a similar manner.

As Cook rushed off in frustration after his two-out ace failed to appear, the other players discussed his back-to-back, tough-luck hands. And as Duke offered, in the wake of Cook's departure, "He did nothing wrong."
Brian put in one hell of a run, qualifying for the tournament on the web and keeping his head above water over two solid days of play. Congratulations are certainly in order, even if they do little to console at this point in time.

Chas Goes Big Time
Chas Rich -- the indomitable blogger behind the Big East's finest daily blog Pitt Sports Blather -- has taken the leap and secured some prime real estate on the web. His new/continued venture is called Pitt Blather. Go read it.

EDSBS Needs Money, More Syracuse Coverage
Brother, can you spare a dime?

Donnie Webb Joins Glaude's Chorus: "Is this progress?"
In a recent blog entry, Syracuse Post-Standard staff writer Donnie Webb indicated that the jury is out on Syracuse's eleven 2007 football committments:
The Orange now has verbal commitments from 11 high school football players who've yet to start their senior seasons. That seems remarkable on the surface considering Syracuse is coming off a 1-10 season. And while there is good debate out there about the quality of the Orange's next recruiting class - because it's not like Syracuse is beating out Penn State and Ohio State and Notre Dame for players - these are players the coaching staff evaluated, offered and nailed down. And they're doing so at the front-end of the recruiting period, not the final days of January.
It is heartening that Greg Robinson & Co. have identified talent and secured that talent, but the question still remains as to how good these athletes really are. As I have said on numerous occasions, until these guys get onto the football field, recruiting is just pointless conjecture that fills the void between lacrosse season and mid-August.

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