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6 Responses to “Another One Bites The Dust”

  1. # Anonymous Rob

    You forgot Dayshawn Wright, Ethan Cole, DeShaun Williams, James Thues, Tony Bland, and Eric Williams to mention a few over the past seven years.  

  2. # Anonymous Matt

    Just a quick correction:

    Ethan Cole graduated from Syracuse. He is actually a member of the class of 2002.  

  3. # Anonymous Rob

    Muh-bad, he transfered from New Hampshire. I thought he transfered to New Hampshire. In 2005 he played for Tecos de la UAGuadalajara (MEX-LNBP). Also in 2005 he made the Beantown All-Star team.

    Another notable departure is Mark Koneckny. But is it his fault or Billy Edlin again? He is now in his junior/senior year playing for NAIA Division I Basketball at Lambuth University in Jackson, TN. Click here to complete a Basketball Recruitment Form

    He's averaging 4.2 ppg and only played in 10 out 26 games. WOW. Supposely he has an alcohol problem.  

  4. # Anonymous Matt

    To tag on to what you noted, Robble (in case other readers don't know the full stories):

    1. The two suitors for Cole - Syracuse and Manhattan. That should've been a warning sign that he was shit.

    2. Konecny (or however is named is spelled) was supposed to come in and be a big superstar for Boeheim. He spurred homestate UCONN to come to the The Hill to hoop. Then his dipshit girlfriend accused Billy of being a sexual predator during summer session. Now their both in the "Land of Who Gives a Damn."

    3. Eric Williams ended up at UMASS where he had a pretty nice end to his career. He actually got to play a lot and didn't get into trouble. So that's actually uplifting.

    4. Then there is, of course, the polar opposite in DeShaun Williams who continues to be the equivalent of a devil spawn, by becoming a basketball vagabond. I guess you seal your fate when you punch Otto in the eye at 44's (or Konrad's, or whatever the hell it is).

    5. Tony Bland, who for some reason Ted Ackerson loved, ended up at San Diego State. There have been no stories on him being a douchebag.

    6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that James Theus ended up at the University of Detroit back in his hometown. However, the most important thing about him is that he was actually the last player to wear 15 before 'Melo.  

  5. # Anonymous Dave Pearson

    Here's my James Theus anecdote...

    The summer after he said he was transfering to Detroit, I saw him "working" some IST-type job. He was helping a woman in Sci-Tech help move like 8 desk chairs from one room to another

    Bland actually led the Aztecs to a NCAA berth the year Shump and Deshaun decided to put both of their lives in the toilet and lead SU to a nice first round knockout in the NIT.  

  6. # Anonymous Matt Glaude

    Here's the thing I never understood about Theus: he could dunk.

    Not only was he like four inches shorter than me, but he could jump about a foot higher. That's incredible.

    But of course, he was the worst free throw shooter I've ever seen. I remember hearing stories about Boeheim ending practices with putting Theus on the line and saying that unless he knocked down two in a row (or something like that), the team would have to run sprints.

    God, those teams were horrible.  

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