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If Only His Last Name Was Costanza
Warren, a real deal writer who pimps the tightest blog this side of the Mississippi, has uncovered quite the story emanating from Steel Town.

I'm left with only one thought after reading this story: Is it worse that the inspiration for naming this child "Seven" came from looking at an 84 lumber sign or that they now adorn their child in a cacophony of seven paraphenalia?

God Hates Michigan and People Named "Joey"
Over at Straight Bangin'/Schembechler Hall, Joey has been hard at work constructing an open source letter to God decrying the pity that is Michigan athletics.

Now, I'm not one to that usually engages in a Monty Python-like "We were so poor..." dialogue, but for Michigan fans to decry torment that stifles their daily life is a little bit like Bill Gates being pissed off he can only light cigars with $100 bills rather than swim in his money like Scrooge McDuck. If anyone should be questioning the validity of a higher power, the heresy should be initiated by Orange Nation.

When Nerds Attack: The Billboard Wars
Personally, I don't particularly give a damn whether Southern California should be credited as back-to-back National Champions or not. But some super dorks apparently do.

In a bold move designed to infuriate lots of people with guns and a lack of fear of alligators, Kevin Robl of has decided that it would be a good idea to erect a billboard in Baton Rouge touting the Trojans' "dynasty."

The folks over at are apparently up to the challenge, topping the $11,000.00 mark in donations to erect a billboard in Los Angeles asking "Shouldn't dynasties win more than one?" The signage is slated to be up by February 15, 2006.

Pirate Blog... Arrrrrrrrrgh!
If you're interested in seeing how the average Seton Hall fan thinks, check out this blog. My all-time favorite statement in anything ever written comes from Caesar Darias' January 28, 2006 essay:

If the SHU men’s basketball team beats Syracuse tomorrow and if St. John’s loses to West Virginia, the Pirates will be in 7th place in the BIG EAST Conference standings. That would be amazing. The goal is to finish 12th or higher which means a ticket to Madison Square Garden.
[Emphasis added for purposes of hilarity.]

You've got to have goals, no matter how pitiful.

Tempo-free Statistics: Big East Style
If you don't have the time to crawl through all of Pomeroy's statistics, the folks at Cracked Sidewalks have compiled all the information in an easy to read format. Take a perusal and see where Syracuse stacks up against its brethren.

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