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I'm gonna give this live blogging thing a whirl. It's seems to be all the rage. This and pedophilia.

2:51 - Stall offense officially in play. Game over. 13 minutes left.

2:50 - If Loyola wins this game I will murder someone. Guaranteed.

2:45 - If Loyola isn't shooting themselves in the foot, they are hitting the floor all around it. Loyola is very charitable - nothing but giveaways from these jamokes. They should get a deduction on their tax returns.

1:00 remaining.

Whoops, SU scores again. 11-3. Joe Derrigo (yeah, I don't know who he is either).

2:43 - 10-3. Greg Rommel. 3:08 remaining.

It's official, the Orange Fox has attacked the Greyhound cage. That's the first tally in 9 minutes. Loyola looking like they ate too much bologna before the game.

2:42 - Lindsay Lohan is stupid hot. I mean she is total babetastic. She needs to get her own reality show.

2:36 - 4:42 remaining.

Pfiefer starting to get peppered. But he's salting the shots away. Ka-Zing!

Offense is a little inefficient here. Rushing shots and not backing up for possession. Seem to be happy with the 6 goal cushion. No longer pressing like they were in the 1st half.

2:34 - 9-3. Monfett.

That's Monfett's second point on the day (1G, 1A). He's actually playing like the star I held him out to be in my preview. Phew.

Syracuse all of a sudden getting beat down at the face-off X. Loyola looking a little more aggressive.

2:32 - 9-2. Pfiefer screened on the tally; squeeks right through his 5-hole.

2:31 - Papi Ortiz goes yard! It's now 5-4 Blue Jays. And Loyola is still getting schllacked.

2:30 - The question at this point is whether Syracuse is this good or Loyola is this bad. It's probably neither, but is a pretty good glimpse at what Syracuse is capable of both defensively and offensively when they commit themselves to corralling groundballs and valuing possession.

Loyola looks freaked out. Like when that broad got snatched up by King Kong.

Syracuse on the EMO. We want mooooooooooooore goals!

2:27 - Mike Fretwell actually makes a save on Mike Leveille. Cue the apocalypse.

2:26 - 9-1.

Steven Brooks gets on the board finally. LC has had no possession this second half. Syracuse has done pretty well at the X today, which is nice. 12:41 remaining.

2:22 - 8-1.

Crockett from Boyle. Boyle with 3 points on the day. Crockett with his second tally.

Put in the varsity, Dirrgl.

Ditzell goes Hulkamania on LC. Greyhounds on the :30 EMO. 13 minutes remaining.

2:21 - In other news, Virginia is trouncing North Carolina 10-4 at the half. If NC loses today, they'll be sitting on their collective asses Memorial Day Weekend. NC has to be one of the biggest disappointments this season along with Princeton.

Hobart is also trailing Penn State 11-9 at the half. A bit of a surprise. The Statesment need to show up in the second half and tighten up their close defense.

2:11 - Rommel and Brooks shut out in the first half. Coming into the game, this may have been a point of concern. However, with Mike Leveille dropping a hat trick in the first 8 minutes and Andrew Boyle getting an offensive surge.

Defense has been spectacular. Although, it's getting an assist from LC's affinity for the turnover. LC turnovers have all but led to the ridiculous disparity in shots taken (23-12).

2:07 - Andrew Boyle, again. From Jarrett Park.


For the record, that's Boyle's 2nd goal on the season.
He's had three shots this year.
Both goals today.
On two shots.

Loyola celebrates... the halftime horn.

2:03 - 6-1. Andrew Boyle.

You know things are rolling your way when defensive middies are dropping tallies. Fretwell seemingly hasn't corralled a shot today. Loyola getting a nasty reality check today - Syracuse is not Wagner.

1:57 - 4:31 remaining in 1st half. Still 5-1. LC is allergic to possession. SU is absolutely dominating. Seems like Mike MacDonald is getting a lot of field time today, which is nice. The West Genny product seems to have a lot of potential and will be a major contributor next season.

Big Ups for the first half go to Wright/Ditzell/Panarelli. Playing super duper hot right now.

1:52 - Wow. LC goes to 7 of 38 on the EMO this season squandering the opportunity here. That's pretty darn pitiful.

Unofficial stat of the moment: Shots - SU (15) LC (4)

1:50 - Koppens (LC) is bringing some sanity to the Greyhound attack. Just drew a penalty on Steve Panarelli. Loyola on the EMO trailing by 4. Huge possession.

1:45 - Loyola has finally woken up a little bit. Trying to control some possessions. Interesting note - Syracuse had 0 turnovers in the 1st half.

SU 5 - LC - 1. 11 minutes and change remaining.

1:32 - Mike Leveille is going bezerko. You'd need a silver bullet to stop this guy.

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