Countdown to Football Frustration

Next Frustrating Hoops Victory

Next Lacrosse Annihilation

Apologies around for the lack of a posting yesterday. I was up to my eyeballs in work and crime fighting. Plus, I was preparing for my hot dog eating contest with Terry Schiavo.


Big win against the Statesmen on Tuesday evening in Geneva. There are stories abound.

The SU Athletics recap.

Box Score

Inside Lacrosse story.

Post Standard story.

Fish out of water?

Rochester D&C ink.

Daily Orange was there. And penned a feel-good story. I need a man-sized tissue.

Syracuse has apparently run out of Powell's and is struggling. Nice to see this story arrive after back-to-back victories.

Another Perritt on his way to Syracuse.


Warrick is a Wooden All-American.

Devendorf McDonald's All-American.


More spring notes.

The D.O. rocks.! And rolls! And rocks some more!

Wow, that's an ultra-dumpy posting. Just have to do better next time.

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