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Is there anything dumber than these post-championship/pre-pre-season polls and All-America selections? These things all but belittle the importance of summer conditioning and the impact they will have on the following season. Not to mention they all but ignore transfers/defections/player injury/player suspensions/etc. Just a waste of ink.

With this in mind, Dick Vitale, or whoever puts the words in Dick Vitale's mouth, has released his '05-'06 All Rolls Royce Teams. McNamara is relegated to 3rd team status. McNamania... Catch it!

Ok, Bernie Fine is a finalist for the FAU gig. Here are some other finalists. When is someone going to put a stop to this madness?

A) As an established assistant coach, there is no reason Fine should be persuing this job. This is a gig for a rising 2nd assistant looking to cut his teeth at a low-DI institution.
2) FAU has to be the only burgeoning DI school looking for age to invigorate its program. If I was Florida Atlantic's AD, I'd focus almost exclusively on young assistants or energenic DII coaches. Kids love playing for those guys.

Allen Griffin actually coaching instead of being a glorified secretary? A brief warning to AG: The NEC is a basketball wasteland. While St. Francis may be close to where Griffin grew up, it is light years from the relevant basketball universe.

Also, that same Griffin story notes that Andy Rautins (recent commit for next season) is playing in the All-Canadian Game. That should be exciting. Nothing but hockey washouts trying to shoot the pumpkin. If Rautins has less than 75 points in that game I won't be impressed.

In recruiting news, Paul Harris is a must-get for Coach Boeheim. He has insta-impact written all over him.

Hate Billy Packer? Spread the good word.

Want to laugh at what you'll be forced to pay to watch next fall? It's good to temper expectations early. In fact, you shouldn't have any expectations at all.

Coach Robinson is messing around with the special teams. Looks like a three way race for the kicking gig this season between Carney, Krautman, and Shadle. My prediction - Carney annihilates the competition and goes into the fall as the starting punter, kicker, and 3rd down back.

Riddle me this...

Here's the CFN Big East look-ahead. Can't really disagree with putting Louisville as the favorite, but it's a toss-up between WVU, SU, and Pitt for the 2-4 slots.

Cut down on turnovers, eh? That's so crazy it might work.
With the strength of Loyola's defense and SU's inability to win at the faceoff X, valuing possession is an absolute must for the Orange on Saturday.

Of course the lacrosse tradition at Syracuse is like a family lineage. When you graduate, I think you're required to hang around the program like a dog on its master's heel.

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