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Brown Flushed Down

Dear Coach Desko:

What the hell is going on?

Here's some free advice: teach passing and catching. And don't ruin my May.

Orange Nation

The lacrosse team was in action Saturday against Brown. And it was a first class stinkfest from all reports. At least things on the Hill aren't as bad as they are in Princeton (still winless - lost to Yale on Saturday). The gory details are as follows:


The Post-Standard ink: Here.

Steven Brooks has a story, and you should hear about it. Desko always seems to find these diamonds in the rough. Spencer Wright comes to mind as a recent impact player that came from relative obscurity.

Daily Orange faux pas. 8-7? Okie dokie. Drinking and covering games go together like peanut butter and vasectomies.

What is this, 1750? Reading is for suckers!

Come by the Carrier Dome and watch Syracuse celebrate itself. It'll be self-glorifyingriffic. I still don't understand why the University adamantly recognizes the '90 championship. If it has been officially vacated by the NCAA, I would think that's as concrete a position as you can have.

This would be like Al Gore claiming victory in the 2000 election after the Supreme Court laid the smack down. "No, I hear you, Justice Rehnquist. But I'm the president. Jerk."

Just another notch in the belt of the enigma that is SU Athletics.

ESPNU has a piece on lacrosse that's worth reading. Give it a look.

Here are some snippets indicating that Boehiem is headed to the Hall.

A whole story on the agony of defeat? Sign me up!

Lest we forget, SU had a hoops team prior to the Jimmy B. regime.

Gee, who would've thought that Syracuse would play through the spring with a muddled quaterback situation. For what it's worth, neither Patterson nor Fields can complete an intermediate pass, so whoever ends up starting is going to murder the West Coast offense. Pariani has his hands full with these two guys.

The countdown for skipped passes starts right now.

My pick for starting QB - Bugs Bunny. Or Jesus. One of the two.

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