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I still can't believe that Bernie Fine is being considered for this FAU gig. 59 years old and he wants to take over this monstrous project. Good luck. I'd rather drink bleach.

Relive all the excitement!
Break out the Tivo!
Witness history!
Don't miss it!

If you listen to ESPNRadio's SportsBash, you've probably already heard this. It's Eric's "High Road/Low Road" where being witty is optional. Worth a listen if you like obscure references that have little to no applicability.

Is there some University by-law that states that at least one football player must start on that offensive line and play out of position? How about this: recruit a center. It's just a suggestion, but who knows, it may pan out. The offense is already going to be dreadful next season, why not be dreadful with people that actually have experience being dreadful at their positions. Dreadful.

Giruzzi ran a low 4.5. That's pretty damn impressive for a skill position player. But what makes it uber impressive is that Giruzzi is a linebacker. With Pruitt, Mackey and Kelvin Smith knocking heads next year with Giruzzi, the front 7 might actually be not dreadful.

Speaking of the front seven, the D.O. has some ink on DE James Wyche. Wyche/LaCasse certainly won't be as prolific as Freeney/Thomas was a few years back, but these two jamokes will get their share of QB rattles. Now only if the secondary could stop someone....

FieldTurf, eh? I'll believe it when I see it. This is the same University that refused to by a new basketball floor at market price. Pitiful.

What, let me correct that.

Dreadful. There that's better.

It's just a matter of time until Brenden Carney punts his way to NFL stardom. Who's in his shadow? Patrick Shadle. Punter/kicker extraordinaire and certified Jesus freak. Shadle's reasons for choosing Syracuse over the hometown Mountaineers - indoor plumbing and available dentistry services.

Football outside, eh? That's so crazy, it might dreadfully work.

It appears as if Notre Dame was a Big East lacrosse conference. SU's officially response: "No. How do you like dem apples?"

I figure Syracuse should cut a deal with the Irish. When Notre Dame decides to man-up and join the Big East conference as a full member (read: play football with the poor kids), Syracuse will suck it up and play in the wasteland that will be Big East lacrosse. A quid pro quo, if you will.

So, if you want Big East lacrosse so badly, drop your dreadful NBC contract and independent football status. If you want the best things in life (a guaranteed game against Syracuse lacrosse every season), you must make a sacrifice.

The Gory Details
Syracuse @ Loyola
1 PM - Geppi-Aikens Field
Weather: Baltimore, MD
Television: WMAR2 (Baltimore); ESPNU
Radio: Syracuse - [WAER - 88.3 FM] [ESPNRadio - 1260 AM]; Baltimore - [WNST - 1570 AM]
On the Web: Syracuse ISP; WAER; WNST; LaxPower Blow-by-Blow

Game Notes:


Syracuse Athletics has put out its official release. And Molly Pitcher on the Front Line it contains a link for game notes.

And Loyola did the same.

The analysis for this game is simple: score. If Syracuse can approach its nearly 10 goals/game average, Loyola is sunk. There are few teams in the country that are relying so heavily on their defense to win games, but Loyola is managing to be fairly sucessful doing it.

The Greyhounds are surrendering just over six tallies an outing, and are only depositing around 8.5 strikes per contest in the opponent's cage. Certainly not an overwhelming disparity. If the Orange can strike early, and Pfiefer doesn't take a nap in the cage, Loyola probably won't be able to rise from the mat. Four times this season Loyola has failed to score more than six goals, one of those occasions being against 1st year program St. John's. The Greyhounds are not a team built with the ability to overcome deficits. If down early, they will more than likely fold.

Loyola is winless when trailing at the half.
They are also winless trailing after 3 periods.
And are only 2-2 when the opponent scores first.

It's that simple.

Star Watch:
Mike Monfett - Sr. (A)
Leads the team with 13 points (12G, 1A) and one of the few upperclassmen on Dirrgl's roster. He's had 3 multiple goal games this season and is the only true finisher on the club.

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