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18 Straight and Counting


Coach Robinson rocks! But really, are the new practice uniforms nothing more than putting makeup on a pig? Even if you polish sh*t, it's still sh*t.

The Daily Orange is a newspaper, too. How does Robinson feel about instant replay?

Sportsline has a bunch of stories on the Orange. Here and here.

You can't arraign LAPD, can you? Who would've thought that students would have a different view of the vicious beating Brown took than the assailants. I'm shocked. In other news, the world spins on its axis.


In the "This is News?" category, Hakim selects an agent.

The pressing question as to Warrick is where his stock will end up with guys like Andrew Bogut, Charlie Villanueva, and Hassan Adams having made their intentions known to enter the draft. If the influx of underclassmen continues over the next few weeks, the question of "potential v. prior performance" will ultimately determine where a GM will select the high flyer.

Buch of stuff from Sportsline. Here. Here. And for the Nelly fans, herre.


Game Day
Syracuse @ Hobart
7 PM - Boswell Field
TV: Time Warner Sports
Radio: WAER 88.3 FM; ESPNRadio 1260 AM;
On the Web: Syracuse ISP; WAER; WEOS; LaxPower Blow-by-Blow

Of course, SU Athletics have yet to release any game notes as of this posting. The game is only 9 hours away.

Update: Syracuse Athletics has released this mediocre attempt at "game notes." Just 5 hours until face-off. If you're looking for some hardcore .pdf notes, today is not your day.

Update: Syracuse Athletics has finally released some game notes. Let the record show it is now 4 hours prior to face-off. A new low.

The Post Standard uses as little ink as possible to preface the great Upstate battle.

Even Rochester is getting into the hype today. I'm surprised they even recognized the 'Cuse/'Bart throwdown with Nazareth having a behemoth game tomorrow.

And the Daily Orange is solid as always with their player profiles. If SU is going to down the Statesmen tonight, it'll have to be on the back of the Orange Fox.

Tuesday = Updated NCAA lacrosse statistics. Hooray for nerds!

Maybe a preview later today if I can polish off the metric ton of work I have sitting in front of me.


I love this game!

Lion Roar! The only saving grace of state schools are the ridiculously well-run athletic departments. All the more reason to laugh at Penn State.

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