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It was ugly, but this man is 3-0. You may have heard.
It was brutal. It was too close. It was QB #3 and #4 on the year. Syracuse managed to get it done in overtime, but it was not a great ending. Perhaps the worst timeout call SU has made in a while. Definitely some of the worst defending after. Syracuse was still the winner however. After an extra period, Syracuse was your winner 30 to 27.
How many quarterbacks does it take? Three. Eric Dungey was knocked out of the game on a brutal targeting penalty that was definitely upheld on review. 

It was a nasty hit and Dungey was done. So in came Austin Wilson and Zach Mahoney. Wilson had a TD and an INT. Mahoney was just good for 19 yards, going 4/4. Dungey, before leaving, had 1 TD on the ground and one in the air. Syracuse only had 11 first downs and was 1/8 on 3rd Down though. Not a great day. But they did just enough to win the game and score when they needed to.

When Syracuse needed a stop on 4th down they didn't get it. When Syracuse needed to prevent a touchdown they didn't. The only reason this grade is a C was that overall in the game they did play pretty well and on the overtime, CMU was held to only a FG. But allowing 30 first downs, and letting CMU go 3/3 on 4th Downs is crazy. 5/17 on 3rd Down isn't bad though.
Special Teams
Just fine. Riley Dixon's Heisman resume continues. Cole Murphy was 3/3 on FG, with a long of 21. Also an XP. Decent returns and no muffed punts. I'll take it.
The defense looked clueless, I know. Then they took the time out with only 15 seconds left and the clock rolling after 2 losses for the CMU offense. Then they got a TD to tie the game after kicking the XP. So either way, the defense blew it. So either way, I'll punish the coaching staff accordingly. You know they're driving and going no huddle. Maybe have your defense ready for that? And then you don't have to take a dumb TO to let CMU draw up the TD play.
C (2.18)
It was ugly, but it was a win. Syracuse starts 3-0 for the first time since the early 90's. Remember them? Gosh Syracuse was good then. And hey, this team is pretty good. They must be. They're 3-0. Don't ask any more questions now, because we're 3-0. Said Coach Shafer. Probably.
Syracuse now probably goes 3-1. Stay tuned for my depressing LSU preview later though. For now, just enjoy that Syracuse is 3-0 and that's something to enjoy.


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