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2015 Syracuse Football Uniform Combinations

Could this be the key, the Rosetta Stone, to understanding SU attire?

During the tailgate for last week's game against Rhode Island, we happened to take a look at the sheet of tickets for this season. In addition to the scannable bar code, seat location, and of course, name of the opponent, each ticket features a faceless football player wearing a helmet, jersey, and pants. Full uniform. The ticket for each game features a different uniform combination. The one for the Rhode Island game had an orange helmet, blue jersey, and orange pants -- the same combination SU Athletics announced would be featured on the field and the same combination the team indeed wore for the game.

And so, we assumed the uniform combination on each ticket would match the on-field uniform for the team. This seemed confirmed when the school released word that the uniform combination for the Wake Forest game would be orange helmet, orange jersey, and orange pants -- same as the ticket!

If the trend holds true, here's what to expect for the rest of the games:

  • Wake Forest: orange helmet, orange jersey, orange pants
  • Central Michigan: orange helmet, blue jersey, platinum (or white?) pants
  • LSU: orange helmet, orange jersey, blue pants
  • Pittsburgh: blue helmet, white jersey, blue pants
  • Clemson: orange helmet, platinum jersey, platinum (or white?) pants
  • Boston College: orange helmet, blue jersey, orange pants
I liked that orange/blue/orange combo for Rhode Island, which in theory will be repeated for BC. I'm anxious to see whether the all-orange get-up for tomorrow's Wake game will be totally awesome, or totally obnoxious. I don't like that platinum sneaks its way in a few times, but this is Nike, so, not surprised.

Speaking of Nike, remember how there was this big event at Destiny USA in the spring of 2014, unveiling these new jerseys and how they'd be available for sale, including an orange jersey? Today is September 11, 2015, and the orange jersey is still not available for purchase. Nike, isn't your sponsorship of a school's attire -- and especially your multiple jersey combinations -- all aimed at selling merchandise? Your failure to follow through with this seems to fly in the face of everything I know about your company!

Of course, once an orange jersey goes on sale, I'll probably go to the bookstore or Manny's and think it looks stupid and not buy it. So Nike, maybe you do know what you're doing.

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