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The Unofficial Rules of Syracuse Fandom

We love rules around here.
It’s a new season, a new conference, and another year here at Orange::44. Therefore, as a public service to the fans, especially the new freshmen on campus, we should brief you on some of those unofficial things you should know to do things the right way this season. We have published many of the guidelines we think fans at Syracuse should operate under. Here are a few, more nuanced, ones.
1. No Wave
Important rule or THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE? It’s been a couple seasons since all of the Syracuse bloggers got together and released the definitive anti-wave video. None of us think The Wave has any place in the Carrier Dome for any sport. The wave was big in the 80’s, and not to make any readers feel old, but incoming freshmen are born in roughly 1995. Despite looking like fools, The Wave doesn’t help the players play better, and if anything lets them know that you aren’t really paying attention to what is happening on the field. It doesn’t exactly create an intimidating atmosphere for opponents entering “The Loud House” either.
2. Only Wear Orange (Blue Fine For Football [No White or Gray])
They honestly shouldn’t even sell white jerseys at Syracuse. When your team has a color for a nickname you should probably just go ahead and buy a jersey in that color. For basketball, the Dome should be packed with the students and everyone else in orange. Football is a little more complicated. They usually wear navy blue uniforms, but have been selling orange ones in stores. Do what you feel on that one. I myself have a #44 navy jersey from the McNabb era, only because that was the home jersey they wore. The team hasn’t worn an orange jersey in a few years, and when they did last Greg Robinson was coach, but who knows what will happen now in the ACC. But do make sure it’s a #44 if you’re getting a football jersey. I gave a really good try in writing an official rule for this so check that out here.
3. #44
Why, just today this issue went around the internets. At least know a few of the people that wore #44 at Syracuse and why it’s important. Namely, Jim Brown, Ernie Davis, and Floyd Little. However, there are plenty more great players that have donned the number. Ernie Davis has the Dome turf named after him, a Dorm and dining hall, a statue and a movie. Jim Brown is Jim Brown. Floyd Little works for the Athletic Department and you can probably meet him. Check it out.
4. Rules of Court Storming
Over seven years ago, the founder of this notebook, Matt Glaude (@HoyaSuxa), wrote a piece with the definitive guideline for when to storm your local basketball arena’s court. I can’t add to it any more. Go here and peruse the rules. They are solid. But overall, just use common sense. If the team is really that great you probably shouldn’t storm the court, even though it’s a blast.
5. No Spirit Fingers
This is a basketball specific rule. When Syracuse players shoot free throws, the student section and members of The Sour Sitrus Society (the basketball pep band) put their hands up. You might be tempted but it looks terrible. No spirit fingers please. Just… no.
6. Clap Before A Field Goal, Even Free Throws
Another basketball specific rule. Before each half all fans stand up and clap until Syracuse scores their first field goal. While it usually is not the case, sometimes this takes a few minutes so fans are standing and clapping for a longer time than preferred. This also means that if there is a foul you have to clap through those as well. You clap until the ball is in the hands of the Syracuse player, they shoot, and then you continue clapping. Good mechanics are always appreciated.
7. Never Leave Early
This rule applies to all sports equally. Why pay all that money to just go home early. But honestly, teams come back. I’ve seen it. We all have. But also, it isn’t going to get you home that much quicker. Enjoy the time spent with your family or friends at a game. And maybe see a crazy ending you’ll be upset you missed.
8. Don't Constantly Scream How Terrible The Syracuse Coach/Players Is/Are
This happens more than it should in the Carrier Dome, especially at football. Yelling that Ryan Nassib sucks not only wasn’t true last season, but it isn’t helpful and just pisses off the people around you. If you hate the players don’t come to watch them.
9. Sit Over The Number On Your Ticket
This one doesn’t’ really apply to students or lacrosse games as they are general admission, but it is important for busy football and basketball games. I understand that some fans out there aren’t, shall we say, the tiniest people in the world. And with just benches instead of actual seats it might be tough to stay where you are. But when the upper section is packed it is important for you to sit directly over a number to a seat your group possesses. Otherwise someone gets screwed on space. It’s been me a lot over the years.
10. Don’t Be That Drunk Guy/Girl
It’s cool to drink in the Dome, one of the few college arenas on campus to let you do so in. Just don’t go overboard. We’ve already seen the number of beers you can buy decrease from four to two in the last five years. Getting rid of beer probably won’t ever happen, but they can make it more inconvenient. Don’t be stumbling up and down the aisles, tripping on people, and definitely don’t get so drunk you vomit in the seats. Being buzzed for a game can be enjoyable. Not remembering a game is just dumb.
There you have it. A nice set of rules to follow when you head to the Carrier Dome or are on the road watching The Orange. Some of these may seem archaic but they are, in fact, rooted in tradition and are far from arbitrary. Love/hate them? Leave a comment. The usual constructive rules apply this season.

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