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USF - Syracuse Postgame Reactions OR USF? Really?!?

I really wish I knew what he said to her.
Syracuse had the chance to show the nation on another Friday night that they were a team that could play with the big boys. They failed to. Syracuse got drubbed in front of a fairly full Carrier Dome in front of the Homecoming crowd. Stellar. Syracuse the loser in the Dome 37 to 17. To the grades.
Syracuse spent the entire first quarter punting. Another slow (no) start for the Orange. Ryan Nassib (23/46, 297yds, 2 TD, 0 INT) actually played a decent game in the second through fourth quarters. He overthrew/underthrew some receivers early and on a few occasions either he or the receivers got the routes wrong and he was throwing to no one. After that he settled down, but his receivers let him down, including three touchdown passes that were dropped. Antwon Bailey (18car, 65yds, 3.6avg, 0 TD) never established the run. Syracuse did not turn the ball over which was good. But this offense obviously did not move the ball well. Even more squandered opportunities.
Syracuse held USF to less than 50% on third downs. But they did earn 27 first downs in the game. They also amassed 490 yards of total offense. But the biggest problem was USF's average 7.3 yards gained on passes and 5.5 on runs. Those kind of gains do not make it easy for a team to be stopped. And USF really was not in this game. What is the most egregious is knowing BJ Daniels is a quarterback that runs, and they allowed him to rush for 117 yards on 21 carries. Not stopping the pass is typical and expected. Not stopping the run is worse.
Special Teams
Jonathan Fisher is our punter now apparently. And he shanked one hard to start the game. Badly. Coverage was also bad. Not UConn bad, but still pretty bad. Ross Krautman came through at least, hitting a 28 yard field goal and converting two extra points.
Surprisingly, with three less penalties, Syracuse managed more penalty yards than USF. The team has been undisciplined for the last few games, far more than any last season, or any to start this season. Looking at the last several games, having a slow start for each, Syracuse really needed smart play calling to start this game. That was not the case. Syracuse also needed to not have so many empty series. While failed execution on the part of players stalled most of the drives, putting players in a better position to make conversions is the job of offensive coordinators. The first series was three runs and a punt. Keep in mind Syracuse started with an eight yard play for a second and 2. They failed to convert. Additionally they failed to score from inside the five yard line with four plays. That is bad play calling and not knowing what your players are capable of.
D (1.13)
Syracuse was never really in this game after BJ Daniels got going. Syracuse's offense never really got going this entire game either. It's a miracle Syracuse earned 17 points. This was the same problem as last year. Syracuse needs the bye week now more than ever. Serious problems need to be fixed. As for this game... well it just was not good.
D to the weather on Friday evening making the tent absolutely necessary for our tailgating. It would be clear for 40 minutes, then raining for 20, then clear for 30, then snowing for 15, then clear for 30. Crazy stuff. At least there wasn't any THUNDERSNOW.
F to the student section. This was a Friday at 8pm game. You could have drank all day and showed up at 7:30 to a COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAME. Most of you didn't. Great work. Cheers to those that did though. An 8pm game is about as far from a nooner as you get. Sad.
Syracuse will earn a much needed by to take on a Zach Collaros free Cincinnati team. An intriguing game now with that announcement. Syracuse still looking for bowl eligibility with one win. We'll all enjoy turkey first though. And a feast of basketball.

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