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This is the best avatar of the season. It's frightening too.
It's our old friend Paul Pasqueloni. I have nothing bad to say about the man. I just have plenty bad to say about how his coaching turned out. He's not even close to the level of bad that man over his right shoulder is, but he let a great Syracuse program slip into mediocrity before Greggers finished the job. Either way, we now face him and his Connecticut UConn Huskies in East Hartford.
Syracuse had a rough go of it last weekend in Louisville. But these Syracuse players are talented and they should bounce back from a bad week. And what better team to do it with than UConn. Syracuse hasn't beaten UConn at Rentchler Field ever. That's since 2006 so it isn't that impressive, but still it would be nice to head out of there with a win if you're Syracuse. And by all accounts they can. Syracuse has a talented starting quarterback in Ryan Nassib and UConn uses a rotation, with the main player being Johnny McEntee with a magical 8TD/4INT ratio. No UConn player is really good with the long pass, and pending any epic breakdowns of a secondary like Pittsburgh had to allow them to score their touchdown against them, this should not be a game played with long passes. The running games are equal as well. But Syracuse converts third downs at a much better rate than UConn (43%-29%). This could be a field position game, but both teams should be able to make plays as it should be around 50 and sunny out so the weather will not affect the game too much. If Syracuse can get in an offensive rhythm, they should take the lead and never look back. UConn has a good defensive line, so if Syracuse's offensive line can create running lanes and protect Nassib, Syracuse should rule the day. Syracuse's secondary is their weak point, but if they even make competent plays, UConn will have trouble scoring. UConn's offense will not set the world on fire and it is their main weakness. The joke for a long time at Syracuse was that Coach P's offense was "Run, Run, Pass, Punt". That isn't much of an exaggeration for what UConn has done so far this season. They beat USF, but lost to teams like Western Michigan, Vanderbilt, and Iows State. Syracuse can put up points though, and UConn cannot. I'll take the Orange in this one in the Coach P Bowl. Syracuse over Connecticut 27 to 17.
This game is on the national broadcast on ESPN U at 12:00pm EST. John and I will be live in East Hartford so be sure to check out the tweets that day of the goings on in the stadium. As always, you have to check out our favorite artist, Mike Borkowski's latest picture for the UConn game here. It's fantastic as per usual. Enjoy the game, hopefully we beat P and the Connecticut UConn Huskies, and GO ORANGE!

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