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West Virginia Ballers Love Booze, Public Urination

This gentleman enjoys the adult beverages a lot.

Although this week is mostly about football, Orange::44 would be neglecting its duties if we failed to mention of the latest contact of Big East players with police. This is what we do around here after all. And due to his previous activities, this latest contact does not come as a huge shock. and the AP are reporting that chronic boozehound and West Virginia guard Joe Mazzulla was cited for urinating in public. He was also cited with fellow Mountaineer Dalton Pepper. For Pepper this seems like his first police contact, but for Mazzulla it is far from his first appearance in a court room. In 2008 Mazzulla was charged with underage drinking and aggravated assault after an incident at a Pittsburgh Pirates game. Last season Mazzulla was suspended by coach Bob Huggins after an arrest for domestic battery after he allegedly grabbed a women’s neck at a bar in Morgantown. And this latest adventure in which he was drinking and lost track of an appropriate place to relieve himself with fellow WVU guard Pepper is yet another alcohol related incident. Both men head back to court on November 1 and face a fine ranging from $135 to $535.

For Pepper this seems like it shouldn’t affect his status as a basketball player at WVU. And really it shouldn’t. The kid was out drinking at a bar, went to urinate, and a cop caught him out in the open somewhere. It happens and that's college. And really this wouldn’t be that big of a deal to either of them were it not for the already fairly extensive criminal history of Mazzulla. With two previous alcohol related incidents this young man should face some stiffer penalties from Bob Huggins. He has already stated he has been made aware of the situation and will handle the discipline of the players internally. But really this seems like a bigger problem with alcohol for Mazzulla. He should face some suspensions and should be mandated to seek some alcohol counseling. Lay off the sauce my friend. Seems like you could use the break. WVU needs Mazzulla to play well this season to help offset the big loss of star DeSean Butler. Although Mazzulla had a horrific turnover ratio so who knows how good he will be able to help the team even if he is on the court.

As always we’ll keep you posted to the latest in the criminal underbelly that is Big East Athletics. Despite the fact it’s football season we still keep track of the other sports too. Send your tips to the e-mail at the sidebar. Because basically we’re The Smoking Gun of Big East blogs.

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